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Your Atheist, Humanist, Free-thinking Man

Ladies, let's say you meet him here. Being together each day, what do you think you'd like most about him or your relationship?

By SACatWalker8
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Same as any other man: kindness, good humor, enough of his own life so that we’d have some separate time, good, or at least be willing to learn, foot massage. Discuss, not fight. Make love, not war


To be as engaged in any joint endeaver as I am. To be able to accept when I want to be left alone and not take it personally. To remember that any good relationship is a dance, we each contibute in different ways and those need to be nurtured and cherished. Even when one or the other is being an ass.


People are not one size fits all, so that is an impossible question to answer. However, I'd like to think of it as teamwork, supporting each other, good conversations, sharing.

Well, I thought this at first yet it seems he is asking us as individuals vs as a collective, no?

How about someone who KNOWS HOW TO READ A PROFILE; plus one who is willing to take the time and NOT make assumptions and is willing to ASK questions.

I just got a message from one who claims I wrote, (to paraphrase them), I have to be with a man who has doesn't have a mortgage. Next-- writes on, I must have written my bio a while back which is WHY I forgot! Wrong, again. PLUS he doesn't BLAME ME... YIKES; this is getting worse! I did not even need to reread what I wrote as I KNOW myself and would never write such a statement or infer it. Maybe they are projecting what they prefer b/c they HAVE a mortgage? I don't try to read people's mind, at least online =;?))

I would like to be with someone who is financially stable but not having a mortgage is NOT a prerequisite; I don't even want to be AROUND someone who THINKS like that.

And in light of ALL the other words I wrote- to the MAX cut-off point-- this is WHAT they take away? I am wondering if they even read past the FIRST PART.

I would also like to be with a man who doesn't have a double standard, in a politically usual sense, as or in an inverted one as well. Calling oneself an Atheist or whatever does not automatically mean one doesn't have sexist baggage to examine. too.


Someone I could talk freely and candidly with and be myself would be the plus to a free-thinking Humanist (Atheist, Agnostic, or just sort of disinterested in organized religion would be equally ok with me).


Same as any relationship, the intimate connection on various levels.

I want someone to be a witness as well as a participant in my life. Would not be talking to myself as much ~...

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