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For Those Who Went To Church In The Past, What Do You Do Now On Sunday Instead?

I like to be a bad boy on Sunday to Protest all the years i wasted going to church!

twshield 8 Dec 10

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I don't do anything that could be considered anti-theist on a regular basis on Sundays. I haven't been in a church since high school and I am now retired. I used to spend weekends camping and hiking in the mountains and along the beaches of Southern California when I was more vigorous. I feel more reverent sitting on a rock and watching the sea or resting in the shade of a giant live oak than I ever did in church.


I stopped going to church when I was twelve years old. My grandmother got tired of me arguing and asking questions about things that did not make sense in the bible. When she could not explain them she just told me to stay home.


I get up and hopefully weather cooperating, go on a run in a beautiful cemetery near my house. The whispering of the giant pine trees, the running swoosh of the creek below, the leaves rustling in the wind, is all the church I will ever need.


Watch football


I haven't gone to church since I went to college. Bloody Marys is the Sunday morning routine now.


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mzee Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

Get up and watch television.

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