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Do you like animals

Especially cats?

Booklover 7 May 6

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I love all animals, even the not so cute ones.???????????????????


Two cats and a dog. Can't imagine life without them....well, most of the time.


I was a cat person all my life: til 2017, when I got Matilda. I’m in love! I still like cats, and so does she.

Matilda is adorable!


Yes, I confess I am an ailurophile, because I find cats so alluring. I have had many cats over the years, mostly Siamese. And I guess I can safely say I speak cat now because each one has helped to teach me how to be a good servant to them, and appropriately worship them. I do like all animals really, unless they look at me like I am lunch.


Yes, they are tasty. Except for my 3 dogs.. I would never eat them.. Well, I guess it would depend..

Not sure why people like to do the I eat cats "joke" or not joke. A simple no or why would do.

@Booklover - /sigh.. They do that joke (eating cats/dogs) because in N. American society, it's a completely absurd proposition (for most), therein, lies the humour..


I love animals, all kinds.


Yes. Some of them in a wine sauce. But all kidding aside, I'm a dog person.

I like dogs too but don't make "jokes" about eating them, really not funny as there are whole festivals centering around slaughtering and eating dogs.

@Booklover * No dogs were harmed in the making of my joke.

@chucklesIII still, not funny.


Oh yeah mate. My undergrad. degree was Zoology, and I write about them most days.

Nice ?


Absolutely! If this a pic of yours, they're fabulous! My daughter and I volunteer with a cat rescue group and often do things with or donate to other animal rescue groups.

They are mine. Spike and Fiona. Spije is the Siamese-ish one.

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