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Mushroom coffee

So I was just answering a question on a coffee post and it made me wonder how any people have tried Mushroom Coffee. Anyone?

By patchoullijulie8
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I've had Mushroom Tea, but taste was not an issue at those times!


Tried it. Not a fan.


When saying that you really let the end of the word raise high in pitch.

Nope, never heard of it before. I will check with the rest me elite friends for a comment.

Got it! smile002.gif

from SwampyAppleseed Mushrooms on Facebook

"I have heard of mushroom coffee. Some mushroom coffees are pre-brewed with extracts in them, but I believe most are coffee grounds mixed with dehydrated medicinal mushrooms or extracts... so as you brew your coffee you are also brewing a tisane of mushrooms.

The most common mushrooms used for coffees are Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail... though I’m sure others exist. Cordyceps mushrooms have also been gaining momentum as a great medicinal mushroom for coffees and things."


Wouldn’t like it if it tastes like instant.

MrLizard Level 8 May 6, 2018

I can see that that would be an issue. Instant is certainly on a different level to fresh coffee however I think the emphasis in this case would be an alternative way to take mushrooms and coffee seems to fit the bill.

@patchoullijulie I like the taste of mushrooms. Might even like them fermented. In any case, I think I'd rather just have coffee and skip trying to ingest healthy mushrooms snuck into a drink and just eat them.


Never heard of it, but I just read it's great for those people who get anxiety from caffeine. And it just tastes like normal coffee right? I only have one coffee a day, and i switch varieties from regular Colombian and French Roast, to ones like Raspberry Chocolate, and Toasted Coconut flavour beans. I love mushrooms in various dishes I make. Thanks for mentioning this, and I may look for some to try. Here's a little article on it.

It does taste like normal coffee. I have also tried Mushroom Hot Cacao mix.(Hot Chocolate taste) You can find it with a variety of different mushrooms, which all have different properties. Thanks for the article I am going to read it now.


I'm addicted to coffee yet never heard of that

You can buy it in health food stores. Mushrooms have some pretty amazing properties that are beneficial to our health.


Nope. Sounds awful.

lol smile002.gif


At first I thought this was a joke since i had never heard of mushroom coffee. But I looked and they sell it....

I know right. lol That is actually the brand that I drink.

@patchoullijulie So does it taste good?


I've seen it on offer at my local health food store. I suspect it's a coffee variant of kombucha. I wouldn't consume either, due to the extreme acidity of the beverage. IT's highly (and overly) touted as a "Superfood". But you need to careful about buying kombucha, b/c it can be comtaminated if not properly prepared. And it does interact with certain medications, so you need to do an interactions-check first, if you are taking meds.

I'm familiar with kombucha but to the best of my knowledge these are not fermented. The label says "mushroom extract" which doesn't necessarily exclude it from being fermented, but usually if there is fermentation it will be stated on the label.

@patchoullijulie I'd want to know extract of WHICH mushrooms and the origin of the same. I'm highly suspicious of things of this nature. Improperly prepared kombucha has actually been responsible for the deaths of a few people. (Not getting my info from FB here. I've read about this, due to having researched kombucha a year or so ago.)

@BookDeath Right, suspicion is a health thing. Mushrooms do have properties that are beneficial but your right sourcing is really important.


Never seen any. Is it caffeinated or is it more like a tisane?

It is a tisane. Coffee and medicinal mushrooms. Just add water type of stuff. No mushroom taste at all by the way.

@patchoullijulie Interesting. Why would one drink it if it tastes like coffee and not like mushrooms?

@pixiedust Good which I have no answer smile005.gif


I do not know what that is, so I guess the answer is no.

It is just instant coffee and mushroom powder that you add to hot water and drink. Mushrooms have medicinal qualities so people take them for health issues.

@patchoullijulie Oh, ok. I was hoping you would say shrooms have been legalized and turned into a beverage.

@Spinliesel lol we might be talking about a different kind of mushroom ...shroom smile002.gif

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