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What else are we doing wrong?

Ever thought, this isn't right? Or at least isn't as good as it could be?
For most of my life I wondered what would have happened if we hadn't invented the internal combustion engine? We wouldn't have as much pollution maybe, we wouldn't be suck in the habit of petrol powered cars. Now of course we are realising how much better electric engines will be. Our political systems are just terrible. None of us are happy with our Governments. IS there an alternative? In Oz we have a representational democracy. Voters decide nothing except which clows get in to do what they want. But with our current technology, we would all vote every day on everything. True democracy. Our financial and legal systems are fixed against us. Legal does not mean right. So much needs to be changed, yet the system does not permit change. Any suggestions?

Rugglesby 8 May 7

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Switzerland has its referendum model. That's the closest approximation I can think of.

Same, it is better than what we have. We have been pushing for a process to allow a citizen initiated referendum here in Oz, but both sides of politics are against it. Naturally.

@Rugglesby Copy that. And I'm Australian too, btw.

@Palindromeman haha awesome, there are a few of us, need more.
love palindromes

@Rugglesby I should live in either Tumut or Glenelg.


One of the biggest mistakes in relation to technology is how Dennis Ritchie implemented pointers in C. The problem is both with null, and using pointers as both pointers to individual elements and to arrays. Has added millions of hours to frustration and debug time for programmers across the world.


Until a better system evolves we work with what we have, within the parameters set by those we allow to set them, who's main interest is solidifying their grasp.
Humanity could do a lot of things.
It deserves wherever it lets itself be led.

Agree completely, I guess I just don't want to go with them.


Renewables used to power dwellings and community robotic gardens and a universal wage.
This will destroy wasteful consumerism (the need to work), globalization and the need for national defense forces to protect "essential assets/ infrastructure" as there will be none because of independent and self sufficient communities. De centralized govt. Free temporary accommodation for transients and traveler's. Want more? Then you work for it.

Major societal change admittedly but I feel that this is what we should be aiming for. Unfortunately we will need to destroy what is in order to create anew, so the world will go to shit for a while first.

Ok, but nothing you mention is either impossible or even difficult to do. All excellent, common sense solutions. But our chances of making them happen is so close to zero as never mind.
This is what frustrates me, life can/could be so much better, we are unable to get the maximum benefit of free power. My grid export has been capped, I am being threatened with a tax on the solar energy I produce, and today heard the Gov wants to tax me $7 a month to use their crappy fraudband yet won't allow me to use anything else. BTW. How are things up your way? Am hoping to get back to Agnes/1770 in August.

@Rugglesby All good. Nice cool nights for sleeping and nice days. Just opened a foreshore pool, Yeppoon Lagoon (poet and didn't know it 😉 ) here. Pretty flash. Be heading back to the land of smiles myself soon. As you say, Aust govt sucks


.In Belgium they had no majority for 2 years or more. This meant that no new laws were passed because they had govt. Any redundant legislation was taken out by the judiciary. The economy flourished.

yeah, I had heard about that, works for me.


We have an Electricity pricing hearing in our State Legislature at the moment. My power company is having their say at the moment. It is so hard to change the status quo.


I'm not familiar with Australia political parties, but here in the US I sure would love to see the new Federalist Party gain serious traction, and perhaps become a viable party and give the Democrats and Republicans a run for their money.

Similar here, we have a couple of parties whose policies are far better suited to modern times. We have had numerous smaller parties, the DLP, Greens, Democrats, Nucllear Disarmament, they either get destroyed by the combined major players or become almost absorbed by them and rendered inert. We now have a Secular Party, Sustainable Party, Sex Party and Pirate Party. Despite the names, the policies are good.

@Rugglesby yes, a woman from the sex party gave me a couple of free tickets to sexpo, it was an interesting experience!

@girlwithsmiles And surprisingly for me, their policies are good, it is more than just a joke party.


human life is huge cancerous machine that will plough on till it self-destructs and that is that.

Yep, agree completely.


Personally, I think we should just print more money and offer to pay people who know what they're doing to figure everything out.

zing Level 6 May 7, 2018

Sounds pretty much the same in the USA as it does there in Australia. 😟
Realistically, here in the USA, I think the main problem are the two dominant political parties we have. It's my suspicion they actually plot with each other to stay dominant and keep any other political parties from being a real threat. As far as I can see, both parties act to the benefit of corporations and the wealthy, to the detriment of the people.

If the political party situation is similar in Australia, then maybe you'll understand what I'm getting at.

You are correct in your suspicion, I too think the two party system currently in place works with each other on many policies. I'm waiting for the new Federalist Party to gain some serious traction, and perhaps give the Democrats and Republicans a run for their money.

Our join forces to keep out any potential rival. They both know they will not stay in power always, the pendulum swings, they just keep it between themselves. Outside of work, our politicians are usually friends.


Sure, not everyone gets a vote.

In the US you either test to become a citizen or are born here and with either, need to avoid a conviction. This is not an adequate gate for who gets a say in choosing our leadership. It's a popularity contest more than a job interview.

If you really want a better form of leadership, you need a better selection process that weeds out people with weak character or poor values. You cannot do that when you rely on the entirety of the populace to choose which is susceptible to anyone in a suit. If no successful businesses select their CEO by democratic vote of their entire staff, why would you the government?

The founding fathers set the table for the concept although they didn't understand that land ownership, race, and sex, do not equate to character and intelligence. In today's day and age, you could create a process whereas you need to earn the right to vote through hard work, schooling, and testing. We don't do that so the results speak for themselves.

Sadly, as here, there are too many barriers to change. Prisoners here can vote if they are serving less than 3 years, until recently it was 5. Both sides of politics resisted calls fro citizen initiated referendums.


You are entirely correct IMO. I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to come up with a good answer but I'm looking forward to hearing what clearer heads think.

Same, I am listening for ideas. The status quo means doom.


Revolution my friend


It's not the system that's wrong, it is the people who have taken control. Any system can be gamed, and sooner or later all systems will be gamed. We the People need to take control again, and it will be a long difficult war, yes war. The conservatives are fearful of many things, including take over by foreign influences. Some of them have little empathy and will kill to assure they feel safe. On the other hand, we can run a non-violent campaign, as Ghandi and Martin L. King did, and we can win. Unfortunately, we may have casualties.

Good point. Any system can be corrupted, and many systems can be made to work. Sadly ours is in my opinion corrupt even if legally. Problem is overcoming that. But I can't see how to do that under their control.

@Rugglesby Wolf-PAC is one starting point. Getting progressives in local offices is also important. Then fill in federal and state offices with progressives. Lots of hard work by many people.

@EdEarl Nice start, I am on Oz, we have begun the process of restricting political donations and all must be disclosed, but the Gov has turned it against our charities. They fight dirty here.

@Rugglesby People are dieing from lack of social services in the US. They also fight dirty.

@EdEarl yes, I have always been astounded of the lack of the basics in the USA, such a prosperous nation I always assumed you would have more of everything that we enjoy.

@Rugglesby If we were a democracy and the people got what they want, it would be true.


interesting on actually voting on everything vs calling or writing and hope they take your view into consideration

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