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Bullshit again, there are zero alleged gawds and emergency room flatliners don't always get double checked minute by minute. ...brain injury can be deadly swelling or briefly comatose like needed 3 hours of sleeping off the other trauma pains. ...the guy was not dead he is young and eager to live/play again. ...too bad he was brainwashed into religion instead of science dreams


Fox News should be the first example in the definition of a misnomer.


Yeah, as if....


Facking Git.


Fox News... Just go away!

If you don't want Fox, how bout BBC?



scary, huh?


Well first you have to prove god before jumping to that conclusion.
I'm pretty sure there is a good explaination for it and if not then we don't know .
Do you have a source for this?

Well..... There is the article at the end of the link, which is why I posted it.

If you'd rather not read fox, try the BBC.


@Melbates Thanks for the soruce
After reading it he was never dead it normal for people to make a unexpected recover.
So i don't see god anywhere ...

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