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Israel is not a country, it’s like a fake movie set version of a country. A movie set where the set pieces won’t even stand up on their own, so people are always running around in a constant state of construction trying to prop things up and nail things down, and scrambling to pick up things that are falling over, and rotating the set pieces so that they look like real buildings in front of the camera. Without this constant hustle and bustle of propagandizing, lobbying, online influence ops, and nonstop mass military violence, the whole movie set would fall over,

The way Israel has become a Mecca of electronic dance music points clearly to an aching cultural void that its people are trying desperately to fill with empty synthetic pop fluff.


FrayedBear 9 June 11

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I've known for decades that the Zionist (fake jew] like a 1000 holocaust movies. With only one Russian movie in Russian made with 4 times greater death toll in the 2nd world war.
Clint Eastwood gave back his 6 Oscar's. That's a good start. I couldn't say the word Zionist in the art and entertainment business or I get fired.
Today, they are being blasted worldwide for their greatest BS stories ever told.

Clint Eastwood gave back his Oscars? I had no idea.

@DenoPenno according to this Eastwood did not give his Oscars back-


Then I'm probably wrong,
it sure sounded like a good idea.
Hollywood is such a corrupted art form.


So now you’re a music critic?

Not now, for most of my life.

@FrayedBear I doubt you know squat about electronic music.

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