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Just wanted to say, as a new member, I love this site so far. So many like minds. I could converse with you people for days and never get bored. you guys are all awesome. Think freely everyone. I feel I have found my people. The thinkers. the questioners. The explorers of the mind.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." - Arthur O'Shaunessy

SilverDollarJedi 7 Dec 10

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Too SilverDollarJedi,

I, too, live in the Bible Belt - Texas. But near Dallas. There are many atheist meetup groups here. They are my salvation.....

Do you mean Southern Illinois?

@LIB75002 I wasn't sure where to put this message. I am still learning how to use this website I was reading some of your comments about meeting men. It would really be nice if you could communicate your feelings about the type of person you're searching for. Maybe add that to your profile. People are not always what you think they are from your first contact with them. I have been trying to know you better, have not been very successful. We all have different ways we interact with people. I believe the most common thing in a relationship is common interests the ability to compromise with each other. A compatible couple enjoyed many of the same things and doing things together in the profiles we all fail to communicate that to the person in our profiles. We need to just talk with each other about many things we like to do in life. This is a slow process and it can take several weeks to several years to complete. We have to learn how the other person thinks and discuss our likes and dislikes and none of this happens very fast. I am very impressed with your ability to write and I wonder what else you can do very well. The Compatibility Score on this website show we are a very good match 99%. I don't know how reliable this Compatibility Score is.


Good. I like it here too.


Feeling similar... so much better than just a dating site.. some really interesting diverse people.




your welcome


Welcome aboard, SilverDollarJedi.


Welcome fellow Jedi! (I'm just assuming from the name. I still identify as a Jedi though I have the "old" ordination from before they broke into sects. I prefer the "old ways" anyway.) you can see we are a diverse bunch! Most are friendly enough and you have the happy little "block button" for those few who have a tendency to be too troublesome or tedious.

May the Force...and the with You!


Welcome to the group. So glad you joined us. 🙂


What a kind message. Rest assured, we are glad you are among us.


Lol, you stole my thunder. I was going to post the same message. I've been here a week. I look forward to getting out of work and open this site up. I check in during the day on my phone also. I'm always reading and learning new things. This site stimulates me like no other before. Very intelligent and open minded people here.

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