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LINK President Trump, Dr. Oz Is a Loser Who Should be Fired on Live TV | American Council on Science and Health

Dr. Oz is also a snake oil salesman, peddling all manner of pseudoscientific nonsense. As of 2014, he had advocated for at least 16 different miraculous weight loss regimens. Additionally, according to Forbes, Dr. Oz talks to the dead, says that 200 orgasms per year will extend a person's life by six years, endorses Reiki healing, and claims that his wife and kids use homeopathy.

America's Quack also has a penchant for interviewing strange Hollywood celebrities on his TV show. (Colby Vorland, a PhD student in nutrition, posted a spreadsheet of Dr. Oz's guests.) His viewers have been regaled with the wisdom of biomedical luminaries such as Jenny McCarthy (an anti-vaxxer), Gwyneth Paltrow (The Vagina Whisperer), Deepak Chopra (who pushes absurdities like "quantum healing" ), and "Crazy Joe" Mercola (a conspiracy theorist who says, among many other insane things, that birth defects in Brazil weren't due to Zika virus but vitamin A deficiency).

Let's review. Dr. Oz has given a national platform to:

Conspiracy theorists
Snake oil salesmen
People who talk to the dead

And now, he will be given one of the nation's most prestigious platforms from which he can offer more harmful pseudoscience, with the full blessing of the President of the United States. This is a travesty.

If Mr. Trump truly wants to serve the medical interests of the American people, he should do what he does best: Call Dr. Oz a loser and fire him on live television.

zblaze 7 May 8

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Ford or Chevy. Coke or Pepsi. We are just sheep to them. Bah bah bah


'a trump' in english means 'a fart ' that is how I will always think of him with those ridiculous fake tans and white rings round his eyes - weirdo hairdo! How could anyone respect that?


TrumpOLINI will do anything for votes and greed....Oz is all about greed and TrumpOLINI won't trash true believers who buy Oz shit and vote Rethuglican


Trump probably does not even know who Dr, Oz is, and certainly does not know enough about science and medicine to make an intelligent comment.


Knowing Trump, he'll nominate him for Surgeon General. I mean, he's on TV so that makes him qualified.


However he fits in so well with the other rejects trumpie has saved from the swamp.

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