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LINK Egypt authorities arrest atheist blogger at Cairo airport

Gaber was detained in 2013 for allegedly promoting atheism, which can be punished in Egypt under a law that bans "insults to religions".

His website includes YouTube videos with titles such as "Criticizing religion is a human right," "Does God exist?" and "Evolution and religion are incompatible."

He also spoken out about sexual minorities, who face rampant government persecution and social violence in Egypt.

The IHEU, a London-based organization that describes itself as the "global representative body of the humanist movement," called for Gaber's immediate release.

“The rights of non-religious people to freedom of belief and freedom of expression are just as real and valid as the rights of the religious to their own freedom of belief and expression," the group's president Andrew Copson said in a statement.

"Egypt has been systematically violating those rights and we call on the Egyptian state to respect human rights, desist from its campaign against atheists, and abolish the ‘blasphemy’ laws which permit this hostile and unnecessary prosecutions, violating the defendants’ right to freedom of expression,"

zblaze 7 May 8

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Thank you for bringing this to the table zblaze..

It is sad and contradictory that Egypt is fighting a battle against radical Islamic terrorism and at the same time it's arresting atheists instead of cooperating together to eradicate the ideology of political Islam...

The central idea of faith justifying abuse of Atheists telling the truth about non-existent Allahs, Jehovahs, Jesuses, Moseses and other alleged miracleists MUST BE REPUDIATED not just one form of Muslim violence is violent to abuse Atheists also


Never forget Sadeq Mullahlah beheaded @ Qum for blasphemy. ...don't buy Saudi Arabia gasoline until that fucked up country burns it theocratic flag everywhere and liberates all women & apostates


And people wonder why I've become an anti-theist. SMFH


The Arab Spring deposed tyrants like Mubarak, and religious zealots swooped into the vacuum.


Does Egypt really need a tourist boycott?

Yes email the Egyptian Embassy and declare your boycott until all Atheists are free


That is a great idea actually. I also hope Amnesty International is involved.

@Ellatynemouth AI is almost total volunteers overwhelmed by evil governments everywhere. ...their rule is pressure from the outside so more victims are not made of protests inside evil countries. ...AI will give you names addresses emails of government officials to plead for justice in Egypt or any country except USA. ...our global neighbors must help USA victims inside USA

@Ellatynemouth our ACLU only takes certain cases inside USA that is why American Atheists have fought since 1963 Americans United are skewed for Baptists against Catholic School tax funds. ...ACLU won tax funds for the evil pope to visit Shea Stadium in body is perfect

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