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John Bolton Iran Policy

This morning I turned on the tv for information on the Iran deal that idiot in charge just destroyed. One of the guests they were interviewing was John Bolton. When his smirking, walrus like (with apologies to the walrus community), idiotic, hateful excuse for a face (my feelings left over from his time in the Bush admin.) came onto the screen I had to turn it off. I couldn't stop myself. It was a reflex action. I am finding that I no longer have the emotional stamina to process and deal with the political situation that we find ourselves in. I really feel that since the election of trump and the GOP, that I am suffering from symptoms that are similar to PTSD. Anyone else feel the same way? What are your thoughts.

patchoullijulie 8 May 9

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I voted neither Billary nor TrumpOLINI will wage peace . ...Billary murdered 50 thousand Libyan women&children with 117 USA sub launched cruise missiles TrumpOLINI in one year has escalated the drone murders in Yemen many thousands more than Obusha Obombney in 8 years of war crimes


As long as you are genuinely repulsed from pussy grabber TrumpOLINI Nimrata Haley (Bolton in skirt) and other war criminals you are suffering psychic trauma similar to mine US Navy service during a genocidal invasion of Vietnam. ....however if you are a BILLARYbot thinking she is not a war criminal you are simply having withdrawal from her brainwashing through fake news that only carried 19 states

Netanyahu has pushed TrumpOLINI hard to pull out of the FRANCE GERMAN RUSSIAN et AL brokers of the Iran is not a treaty but is a business deal about Iranian assets seized by Carter for hostage release and continued by ReaGUN due to Iranian guns&fighters from Beirut to Indonesian rebels.'s very hard to hide radioactive materials above ground with lead lined trucks. ...with extensive monitoring inside Iran our ALLIES like the deal but not Netanyahu wanting to crush any support to Palestinians in the shrinking ghettos worse than NAZIs built in Poland. ....TrumpOLINI is letting the IDF do the secret airstrikes into Iran. ...fake news won't tell you the whole story just Bolton bragging and liberals telling Stormy Daniels sex deals 130 $ grand


Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Mattis, and Haspel are the "A" team. Just take a deep breath and await the good results.

I think it's a little premature to be taking a victory lap on Trump's recent doings. Reality has a way of not turning out as expected. Hitler ran Germany for like 15 years and had a lot of success before his policy's led to, well we all know how that worked out in the end.

@Dhiltong This is my fear. Still not seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.

You have more hope than I do at this point.

You forgot Michael Cohn or he just the bag man?

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