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Renaissance festivals

Who here as been to one?
Did you dress up?
Would you recommend them to others?
Best one (location) you've attended?

Crimson67 8 May 10

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I like them, but there aren't many good ones nearby.


They have one in Ohio close to Kings Island every year last for about 3 weeks. Been there,use to go almost every year with friends, I don't dress up, some do . They are fun to go to.


I go a dozen times a year to the Maryland Ren Fest, and then to the Va Fest as well. Any chance to go I'm there. I love to dress up and have invested about six grand in costumes. I've gotten my family involved. It's a community of like minded individuals who are friendly, warm, welcoming, accepting, and usually drunk. Lol! It's the best time of the year! I look forward to it achingly, and get very sad when it ends. It's the music, the people, the beautiful surroundings, and wearing a corset is amazing#




I've been to a few of them. I went to the Kansas City ren faire as a zombie years ago and ended up having some pictures taken with some of the performers (Sonic Sidhe Tribe).


Friends of mine dress up for them, we don't but get to go free in exchange for putting on displays.
This one is popular here, but it is more for the Renaissance crowd.
This one is actually more interesting,
It covers warfare through the ages.
Again, our crew doesn't get into period costume, too dangerous, they are all kitted out in cut proof materials and kevlar padding.


Love them.... don't know why.... but i feel like i came from this time when i see whats going on.


Society for Creative AnAchronism has been around 40+ years my daughter had a sca wedding tall cone headdress with veil 20 feet long ...eating 500 year old recipes. ...Cayuga County NY RENAISSANCE grounds are permanent but only open above Lake Ontario 2 months in summer. ...calls all women : " wenches " which I condemn nor do I sword fight with duct tape swords. ....making your own chain mail is kinda cool for winter wear retains body heat in arctic cold under a light jacket over a bodystocking. ....the religious shit is worthless. ..but a friend of mine dressed as a monk saying: " bless you child YOU MAY SIN "


I've attended one near Atlanta the last two years. I dress up, as do my friends. I greatly enjoy the event and recommend it!

Zster Level 8 May 10, 2018

The pensic warriors come here every year, and it's r a really big event and lasts over a week. They're in costume and character the whole time . It is not open to the public.they come from all over the world...

@Crimson67 its large enough without, and they want to keep it as close to the way things were ..I guess. Besides they pay to belong to the organization and they want their privacy. I here it could get pretty wild ???? I know they buy a ton of alcohol for their stay ..

I used to belong to that organization. Society for Creative Anachronism. That event is a chance for people to get together with other members for tournaments, combat, arts, partying, and more. I used to go to one in Arizona about 1/3 the size and it was still overwhelming.

@Kenny_M those people love it... so I'm sure that you are a fan of Meade... 🙂

@Buddha Absolutely. It tastes even better when a friend made it and they just want to see you enjoy it.


I have been going to the original Renaissance Faire in southern California for many years. I lived in Agoura when it was at it's original location at Paramount Ranch in Agoura and would often go several times in a season. I did dress up back then and I knew many of the performers that worked there. I continued to go every year after it moved to different locations. It was always a good time. Like most things, though, it changed over the years, became less authentic, more commercial and more expensive. Last year I moved away from the Los Angeles area and it was the first year in many that I did not attend. It is going on right now, but I likely will not go this year, either. If you have never been to one I do recommend going to one. Don't dress up the first time unless the dressing up is the reason you are going. Get the feel of your local faire and then dress up when you return.


I've been to several. There is a large, annually recurring one here that moved to a location several years ago that is so out-of-the-way as to make it much less appealing. There's another one that takes place (coming up soon) at Camp Richardson Resort at South Lake Tahoe. Still a healthy drive, but I can turn that into an overnighter at the lake. I've done that one too and it was nice. I'm interested in dressing up, but do to it properly is expensive. LOL! Another event I love attending is the Dickens Fair. They do a large one over several weekends in Nov-Dec leading up to X-mas eve. It's held at a large venue near San Francisco with lots of paid actors who add a lot of atmosphere. Here are some links:



@Crimson67 I have a costume. It's quasi steampunk and could stand some additions.

@Crimson67 Aww. look how cute you are. =]


Renaissance faires are good fun. Many years ago in another life I performed Shakespeare in the park at two, four Summers in a row. Both were in Washington State. The one in Gig Harbor was bigger, probably more of a party, but the one in Richland was better organized and a little less stressful.

Most of the performers/vendors/etc work on a circuit so typically you see the same offerings no matter which one you attend.


I went to one years ago outside of Houston, TX. I don't remember much about it, probably because I went by myself and didn't know anyone there. I'd like to go to another one, but not by myself.

I used to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival every year and even worked there one year.  I still have all my garb but haven't been for a while.  Need to change that!

Love them, wanted to dress up, but the ex was only grudgingly going anyway. Now, watch out for the hot 70-year old barmaid at your next one! Lol!


they have one down here near Franklin every summer that really draws a crowd. I've never attended but I've heard it's a big ball of fun. they even have a real castle.

@Crimson67 I hope you have a great time, a great Mother's Day, and maybe one of them turkey legs I've seen pictures of. enjoy.

@Crimson67 I bet you do. I've been watching some football early on Sunday mornings. I kind of like the german teams I think it's called bundes League or something. I don't really understand everything. they're still pretty exciting.. have yourself a blast!

@Crimson67 Tune in the the Champions' league cup final on May 26th. It is between Real Madrid and Liverpool.and will be held in Kiev, starting at 8.45 CET. (7.45 GMT - 2.45 New York time) It should be a good match. Both teams have defeated teams that were odds on to win. I think Real Madrid will lift the title, but ......

@Crimson67 I might just do that. thank you. I didn't know they came to Nashville.

@Crimson67 Jeez. You should be watching the Man U vs West Ham match, on right now. I'm not sure if its foitie or boxing. Temperaments are running high.

@Crimson67 very cool. Thank you. exactly what I need something else to pay attention to

@Crimson67 we just like kicking and stuff.

@Crimson67 Have you ever come across the "Mobdro" App for Android? I use it to watch a lot of sport - and provided you put up with the inane adverts for silly games, it is free.

@Crimson67 []

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