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Can you be an agnostic or atheist and still believe in angels, demons, ghosts and life after death?

Walrus 4 Dec 11

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Personally I think an atheist needs proof before believing anything. For them to decide a god is not real for the lack of any evidence and yet believe a ghost or demon or angel exists seems contradictory as it should also require the same proof


There is so much stuff going on out there that has nothing to do with the human mind, They say there are more galaxies out there than there are grains of sand on the whole go figure!!! We are just little fleas on a big dog. The dog could really give 2 shits what we think. After you've "seen them".....then your life changes. I have met plenty of atheists who had an NDE .....and they changed quickly. VERY QUICKLY!!!! I had mine in 1994. Everything I believed or thought up to that point in my life....WENT OUT THE WINDOW!! YOYO BABY>>>>>> you are on your own, good luck when you die. You are in for a big surprise.


Angels have nothing to do with what you believe. Angels are biological entities, higher forms of life. All there is to it. They are supervising the creation. They are nondenominational too. This life is temporary and we will pass on, and the Angels (our ancestors) will be there to help up cross over. Our consciousness is attached to our bodies in this dimension, the light frequency we see is limited. You can call them light workers, space aliens, grays.....points of them what you will, they really don't care. Sooner or later, you will do what they tell you to do. There is life after death too, and it has nothing to do with what you believe. It's a thing of physics. We are beings of light.


I would think you need to use the same reasoning on those things as on a belief in god. There is no evidence.

gearl Level 7 Dec 12, 2017

I'm Agnostic and skeptical however I do hold one belief firmly:

Like their gods, angels and demons are a part of a belief system some people believe without question. I believe therefore, like their gods, these entities are a sum total of the resultant behaviors of the believers.

For instance there are cases of demonic possession that vary widely religion to religion, sect to sect, culture to culture. The very secretive catholic exorcisms are vastly different than those of the weekly televangelists' broadcasts. Still, these are behaviors as a results of the beliefs and therefore, in my opinion, the manifestations of these entities.

If the case studies of some are to be believed (not that I necessarily do) there are paranormal events that occur in some of these events, including angel sightings. But rather than immediately agree these are entities outside the individuals involved, I am more apt to believe these are somehow manifest by the believers themselves.

Why? There are too many religions with too varied manifestations and not all the religions can be "right". In that there are so many competitive religions from which no "true god" has emerged it is my firm belief they are all "wrong".

For me, the jury is out on ghosts and life after death. There is little actual evidence and hoaxes abound. Still, I defer to parapsychologists in the field who sincerely seek to debunk the hoaxes and find rational, natural explanations for the remaining cases.

While its a broad generalization, you'll find the agnostic will more readily consider (though not necessarily believe) inconclusive evidence (as I do) while the atheist will wait for empirical proof.

But to say I personally believe without question any of the above beyond as I've described, no. Of course, I am only speaking for myself.

Well before I start drawing stars on the wall and evoking 4,000 year old names, I still will need the science to verify something else is out there. But the concept is fun to ponder, kind of like BS makes the grass grow greener.

@Walrus I tend to agree but I covered your response in my next to last paragraph.

I likewise see no need to evoke 4000 year old names (see paragraph five) as I see no need to provide you with conclusive evidence that, yes indeed, BS makes grass grow greener.


I can’t… But I tell ya.. it’s been shockingly disgusting how many self proclaimed ‘non religious’ people I’ve met that are as quick as any religionist to describe their belief in some supernatural BS…

Varn Level 8 Dec 11, 2017

My answer wasn’t an answer to your answer, just my answer ~


Have you heard of the 'Brights'? They have a naturalistic world view. Those with a supernatural world view are 'Supers'. Angels, ghosts, demons are part of a supernatural view. Non-theists are in the natural world view.


Nope! Now life after death! Who knows.


Heck no! That's the quagmire for ex-religionists—the residue of societal religiosity still bears, its tentacles of indoctrination for some.

Uhm, uh, OK.
But, History is full of things we can't see and haven't discovered. Once we thought disease was because of evil spirits. Then we found bacteria. Then we discovered viruses. The bible badmouthed pork, catfish, even dates under certain conditions. What other life forms are out there that we may not have discovered.


Not in my case, but there are all kinds of things that we don’t know. I seriously doubt that angels/devils exist, but their existence is far more plausible than god.

Why? How can angels and demons or unicorns an leprechauns be any more plausible than god.

The nature of demons is finite. The nature of god is infinite. Something finite is a possibility within our frame of experience. The infinite is neither knowable nor conceivable.


As long as they don't believe in a god they'll still be an atheist and they can believe whatever else they want.


Of course it's possible, but it is also unlikely that one would reject one faith based idea while keeping others. I have known a couple who did, but they faced much the same cognitive dissonance as any other believer in anything not of this world.


The issue as I see it is belief. Belief is delusion on purpose


Technically, yes, because atheism and agnosticism deal only with the existence of God or gods. However, it seems unlikely many would actively believe in other faith-based entities while rejecting one in particular. Still, in regard to life after death, I think there's a desire in many atheists and agnostics to believe despite the lack of evidence, and that concept seems to get more play than it deserves.

Suspension of disbelief. ????




You can't, so simple and so clear. Atheist minds reject such kind of imaginations due to lack of evidences and make no senses.


Hard to see how. You mean you could have all those weird things and just leave out God? Don't see the point.

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