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LINK House Democrats release over 3,500 Russian Facebook ads

Can't wait to see how many of these popped up on my feed. But the Trumpets will probably call it more fake news

AmelieMatisse 8 May 10

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But they didn't effect the election. ?


Billary is not confessing to paying 2 million for a fake Russian dossier falsely alleging TrumpOLINI paid Moscow whores to piss on Obama's Moscow bed. ....Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for those Facebook ads not a penny paid to them by TrumpOLINI or GOP.'s long since election night when TrumpPence won 31 states GET OVER IT and fight his bad policies not lie for Billary who belongs in prison


I posted a list of such ads in a previous post. There was a way to see if any personal FB postings was connected to Russia. None of mine nor a few other members were. Most of my FB friends are organizations as FFRF, Humanists, Union of Concerned Scientists, Big History, Friends of the San Juans and on. I only have a few personal friends (a couple from this site) and am very selective in who I send stuff to and what I view.


Russian companies will continue to millions of dollars in ads in order to keep their paid Russian spy in the White House.

N7EIE Level 6 May 10, 2018

Facebook failed America, helped in the transition to ameriKKKa.

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