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LINK Neil deGrasse Tyson - "Do you believe in god?"

He is such a awesome speaker. I love the logic.

LibrePenseur 7 May 10

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A good speech, which hopefully will have stirred a few people's thinking, which I reckon is what matters here. Science needs as many eloquent champions as it can get.

Denker Level 7 June 19, 2018

"...objectively verifiable truths". Checking to see if claims are supported by evidence is indeed a good policy.

Sadly Tyson doesn't follow his own advice.


God as "all powerful" or "not so much, not all good" is a setup to fail type of argument. In other words, if there is a God, then the implication is that He should protect us all from the perils of 'nature.' But this really begs another way of understanding what God may be about, very different from traditional forms of belief. Cultural filters are the drivers of religious beliefs explains why they're so diverse. As in eastern thought, 'karma' is the belief based on cause and effect, where each individual is 'responsible' for the conditions of their lives, both past and present. Meaning that, as in the concept of the 'Law of Attraction', you draw to yourself what you experience whether you're conscious or not. Certain teachings have the intention of helping you to 'wake up' to what is described as your "True Self" and, as awareness expands, you grow in mental/emotional/spiritual ways that 'enlighten' your path in life. A means of discovering what you might describe as 'true happiness.' This implies that there is an inter-relational connection between all of us (aspect of quantum field theory) as well as between each life-time experience.
Tyson addressed quite well where religions have their place in the creation of a nation. True, that it's very unstable to build a government on a 'belief' system, better to settle on "objectively, verifiable truths around with which we can all agree"


Hey why do you de Grasse Tyson support Monsanto ????

I hadn't heard one way or the other. I didn't know that


I love that guy!


Good one


Do I believe in door? I have no need for door beliefs. Doors exist. I walk in doors without believing anything about doors. "Believe in" is a non-sequitur. We can walk in doors but no single person can walk in a gawd. The gott gawd gods sounds are not words instead the sounds are gibberish. Referents without object. Thus pretending the question is rational deserving a no or yes answer is instead a false leading question. Do you still beat your wife ? A no answer implies you once beat her. And a yes answer is more incriminating. Neither is true when asked of the innocent Atheist.


I wish the politics of the US were not so tied to being christian despite everything he pointed out. If you are not willing to stand before a camera and lie and say you are christian you are not likely to be elected at the senate / presidential level. Neil is right, but how do we convince the religously motivated voters and candidates to want a country like that too? If we did actually run our country that way, imagine where would we really be at this point on climate change, rights for women , rights for LGBT (etc..), sexuality in general, art, learning? We sure could use Neil like candidates, not that he wants to try =)


This is awesome! He is such an admirable person

If you admire someone that invents histories to support their talking points, then yeah.

@HopDavid I admire anyone who can get up in front of others and speak without getting tripped up. It's something I cannot do

@HeraTera His falsehoods aren't just a question of mispeaking on stage. His Bush and Star names fiction was a standard part of his routine for eight years. Also part of that schtick was a fabricated history on the Islamic Golden Age.

@HopDavid There must be a story here that I am not aware of

@HeraTera According to Tyson Bush delivered a 9-11 speech "attempting to distinguish we from they". Stands to reason, right? We know all Republicans are Arab hating xenophobes. Except Bush's actual speech was a call for tolerance and inclusion.

See this Washington Post column by Jonathan Adler: []

You can also refer to my list of Tyson flubs:

Tyson's bull shitting and mangling basic science and math is merely annoying. His inventing histories to support his talking points is a serious offense.

Trump and Tyson are flip sides of the same coin: an ignorant populace that values celebrity and entertainment more than rigor and accuracy.

@HopDavid I see - well that is a story I wasn't aware of. Seems to be I'm finding more and more of them all the time about lots of politicians/celebrities. I think it's hard to sift through all the information you hear these days. Therefore, I tend to base my opinions on personal impressions and intuition. Not saying I base all opinions on that and not saying it's the best way to do things. I just find it most reliable.

@HeraTera In other words you don't want to examine the evidence if it contradicts the assumptions you're comfortable with.

Tyson routinely mangles basic science and math. But this bull shit is harmless. Much worse is when he bull shits fictitious histories to support his talking points.

Tyson and Trump are flip sides of the same coin. An ignorant populace that values celebrity and entertainment more than rigor and accuracy.

@HopDavid No. That isn't what I said at all. I always try to learn from all perspectives. Then I use my own reason and intuition to lead me. I think that's what people should do. Not sure why you misunderstood that point but I didn't mean to make you think that way.


I so admire him !

Tyson's over simplified and often inaccurate pop sci can seem like profound insight. If you're the typical Katie Perry fan.

@HopDavid Opinions are like assholes - we all have one.

@evergreen Some opinions are supported by evidence. Others are not. I can cite numerous occasions where Tyson screwed up high school math and science. Much, worse than bull shitting wrong science is when he invents histories to support his political talking points.


@HopDavid I'll look into it ...


I have enjoyed all of his talks!


I really like Neil.

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