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The Te of Piglet. Do you consider nature to be your teacher or your friend?

I was a huge fan of the book, the Tao of Pooh. I'm currently reading it's companion book, the Te of Piglet. In the book, it says "man lived with various life forms, whom he considered his teachers and his friends."

This is in reference to animals and our natural world.

So, do you consider them to be a teacher or a friend? What have you learned from nature or animals?

silvereyes 8 Dec 12

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That evolution had just spun a little differently pigs or dolphins might be in charge of the world and they wouldn't feel the need to destroy


The art of non-verbal communication. Animals seem to be more intelligent than a lot of humans I know.


Both and so much more! Of course, I'm speaking as a Spiritual Humanist so I may be expanding on the typical definition to include the universe (known and unknown)...I'll just try not to expound to much!

I'm an integral part of nature. It is my friend in the sense it has brought me all my experiences and relationships, my teacher in that it has brought me all I know, and at times a VERY tough teacher. In times of mental anguish or great physical pain, nature seems at times to be a rival!

I'm not much of the "outdoorsy" type but I've had some first hand learning as a child (like bee stings HURT!!!), some seriously friendly communals, usually with various instruments.

A notable recent was stopping near Hoover Dam as I entered Las Vegas. The view of the desert and distant mountains was amazing. A sense of awe, overwhelmed by the beauty, a feeling of oneness all enveloped me.


I have learned that we are an integral part of the web of life on this planet though we try to pretend we are above and separate from the rest. I think there should be Constitutional provisions made for the well-being of domesticated animals and consideration made for the impact on our environment of every action taken by government and corporations.


friend, always amazing me and putting me in a calm state


My back yard was about 100 acres of woods. Broken up by a house here and there. My brother and I would play outdoors sunup until sundown. We had a black lab that would follow us everywhere. He was an awesome companion.

lol, I now see it.


I grew up in the woods..I never was in the house as a child..well rarely...I was looking for snakes and frogs..watching deer...and birds...hours and hours spent in the woods...sadly my woods were torn down for a fucking development..houses no one wanted here..houses built on a lie..for corruption...the woods and land was considered wetlands..and were never to built on ...years later someone fleeced enough pockets and trucked in tons of dirt to raise the land..filled in the it was never there...all the wildlife was devastated..with no place to's disgusting really...makes me sick thinking about it...

Wow, I had the same experiences. Where I grew up there was 100 acres of forest. My brother and I would get up early and spend all day in the woods playing, I can still remember the smell of skunk cabbage, ferns, and the smell of the foam on the brook in the spring.


I've learned more from nature by far than anything else. nature is indifferent to me as it is anything.


The Tao of Pooh is great.

I'd lean more toward teacher than friend, though perhaps companion would be a good label. It seems that friends want what's in our best interest, and nature has no such compulsion. In fact, I'd say that's one of its lessons: the universe doesn't care about you (so learn to take care of yourself).

@silvereyes: []

teacher, not companion I don't believe

@silvereyes, have you seen Young Frankenstein? It's a great classic movie.


Nature can be a teacher, but it is harsh, it expects you to survive everything it throws at you and then some.


Teacher. If the human animal act like most other animals on the planet things would most likely be better.


Loved The Tao of Pooh! Yes. Since we have so much in common with the other animals, and our environment, a deep study of them helps us understand our own nature, which we desperately need.

skado Level 8 Dec 12, 2017

I grew up with a river across the street from our house, there was a whole lot of wildlife there from fish to birds.
I think nature was more of a teacher by showing me how animals and plants work, but also a friend because I can go back there anytime and feel comfortable


Teacher... flying south for the winter makes a lot of sense to me.
Friend....... I love my wife's dogs. They're always glad to see me.
Learned from nature.... I'm truely grateful that i live in this time of life. Nature is hard to live in if you don't have all the gifts of science.
Learned from animals... domestic animals are kind and loving and forgiving. I don't care for dogs that will change thier mind and attack you.


Well, since humans are animals—biologically mammals, I'd say if we're cognizant of our union with the 'other' animal kingdoms, it will be both friend and teacher.


Myself and Nature are one and the same thing. I am in Nature and Nature is in me. I am one with Nature.

Nature digests my food and beats my heart. Ultimately Nature is my only friend and my only teacher.


I've observed they both are dependent upon humans NOT disturbing their environments.

Are you forgetting that we humans are just as much a part of Nature as anything else?

No, not forgetting that. We humans are also dependent on humans not disturbing our environment....

@silvereyes --- Harmonizing or cooperating with Nature, I believe, is the only path to happiness.

Every living thing has an impact on the environment. I fear that if you are depending on other humans to do anything other than what they are doing you will be sorely disappointed. To be happy, all you need do is put yourself in order, nothing else is required.

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