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The evangelical Christians come out big for Roy Moore. What is the meaning for Christians? I am completely mystified. What is the morality of the decision making? Is it completely tribal?

MichaelPaul 4 Dec 12

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I listened to one justification. The person ws a one issue person and their issue was Abortion. He said if you look at a choice between a child molester and a person who kills hundreds of children who would you choose. From a narrow perspective, I guess i cn see his point.

However, the bible defines life as beginning with the first breath. It does so several times. The belief that life begins with conception is a recent interpretation and is not doctrine, but dogma. So, as the tribe is dogmatic, I guess in a way it is tribalism.


Maybe this article by cognitive scientist George Lakoff will help answer your questions. Take special note of #'s 17, 18, 19 & 20.



I have heard many times and just submitted a link to a local journalist who brought up the issue of the "end times". These people actually believe that what is happening is about fulfilling a prophecy that tells of a war between Jews and Moslem's and the emergence of an anti-Christ leading to Armageddon. They don't care how it happens just that it happens and what can they do to further it. Of course they are too blind to see their idea of having the high road of morality and 'love they neighbor' go out the window.


Yes, it's about identity.

skado Level 8 Dec 13, 2017

I read that Trump only wanted him because he was for the wall...


I'm convinced evangelicals are more political than religious. I think they (the leadership) are more concerned with using religion as a method of control for the sake of money and power, and they have no real ideals. Their primary topic, abortion, is a tool to get people to fall in line. The don't truly want abortion abolished because it would undermine their influence and control. They work toward things like defunding Planned Parenthood, but they would be devastated if they got their ostensible way and lost the only weapon they have in their rhetorical arsenal.


Well...though Christian's like to tout themselves as morally superior, those who take a good read of the bible can find that it condones kidnapping, rape and pedophilia...among many other crapy things.


It's simple. Moore would: Make homosexuality a crime punishable under law. Outlaw a woman's right to choose. Ensure there would be a Ten Commandments monument on every lawn. What's not to like about that for the evangelical Christian? And they have a plethora of excuses, justifications, and other ways to make his misogyny and sexual aberrations acceptable. All for the good of the ... cause. MAGA


For real, I’m appalled at white southern women. And I’m also a white southern woman. What the hell are they thinking???


I think the agenda of the political evangelical Christian is to turn this country into an evangelical Christian theocracy. Morality has nothing to do with it. I think they would back Hitler if they thought it would further their agenda.

Yep. Abortion is a big issue for them. It's sad that so many of them are pro-birth, yet want to eliminate any support post-birth, and... they think that's perfectly logical.

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