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Is Marriage a Christian Creation?

I believe we have been brainwashed in the US (I can't speak for any other nation) to believe that we can only love one person at a time and only one for our entire lives. How is this even remotely possible with 7.5 billion people on this Earth, how the blah can we choose ONE person??? Obviously we're not meeting all 7.5 billion, but you get my point. And why are we limited to loving one person at a time (in what is termed romantic love)? We love a bunch of people, don't we. Family, friends, whatever. Why is it that we are only 'allowed' to be 'romantically' in love with only 1 person????? I don't get this.
I think marriage was created to add even more control over woman because men are terrified of women.
***Please note - these comments are generalized and not directed specifically at any person or groups of people. Except Christians. LOL

smilnjan 6 Dec 13

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I agree with smilinjan or whoever wrote this queryPOST xians dominate USA hold most positions of power and we Atheists are rare exceptions with Election Night Victory parties. ...Marital rituals are similar events with uniformed males capturing prized white trophy dolls tossing their flowers behind them to eager maids in wait


I would argue that marriage is not a construct of the Christian faith...Pair-bonding for life happens in species other than humans (Canada geese and grey wolves, for example), because there are survivability benefits for both animals involved. The question is: Would geese get married if they were given the ability? I think marriage is a terrible idea that human society has bought in to in general. Many couples don't belong together, and a written contract doesn't make a relationship any stronger than two consenting adults just living together.


Christians has stolen so many things, Christmas included, so no, it’s not. I look at marriage as something a loving couple do when they are ready to take the next step up in their relationship. Just like Matt Dillahunty once said,” Just because someone tried to take that fun and slap their Jesus all over it.” So no, live life to the fullest is how I see it.


oh hell no. marriage comes in many shapes and forms, but ever since the time of the neanderthal men and women have joined together to make sure the children have a greater chance of survival after the act of procreation has taken place


Marriage was originally done to create alliances between tribal villages. marriage is a universal concept although monogamy in marriage is not universal in all cultures. Even in societies where monogamy was preached, the upper classes were pretty much always an exception.

It is true that religions use dogmas about sexual behavior in order to better control people and women in particular.

My personal idea o marriage involves beign with someone with complete honesty between us. Monogamy can be an aspiration, but shoudl not be realistically be equated with love or as a sign of love. Honesty is a far beter measure of love than monogamy. I'd worry mor eaobut a partner who did nto tell me about infidelities than one who did, simply because secrets act like wedges that keep peole apart emotionally.

My views of marriage and monogamy are based on how people actually behave rather than on wishful romanticized thinking, which unfortunately is what most people are taught to believe in.


Saint Valentine would probably agree that christians helped.

mzee Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

Who is stopping you from loving whomever you want? Just because the a large portion of people (in the USA) have found happiness in monogamy doesn't mean you have to. We are all free to love. No one can cap that.

clea Level 4 Dec 13, 2017

Here is an interesting article that might help you with that answer.

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