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LINK Robert Reich: The Poor Should Work Harder, but Billionaires Deserve a Break—Right, Trump? | Opinion

Robert Reich is a world renown Economist-- so this Opinion article has a lot of clout and experience behind it. This is what is actually going on in our country while Trump throws smoke screens that capture the attention of his base and the media.

By ksmartines
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I follow almost everything Robert Reich is saying about our current political situations. It's also interesting to note that Killer Mike (aka Michael Render) and Bernie Sanders are working towards defeating the GOP candidates running in all the upcoming elections. They put in a lot of hours and if interested in helping you can contact them.

DenoPenno Level 8 May 17, 2018

Yes he is good, always liked him. Why is it that those who are truly out for the good of the masses are demonized, or better yet why do people vote against themselves? I don't get it.

Ktcyan Level 7 May 16, 2018

Why don't you just go ahead and become a rich guy if that's what you want?

Anonbene Level 7 May 15, 2018

So is this title satire or genuine?

If it's genuine it's offensive. I'm thinking about the armies of workers in companies like Amazon and Walmart who bust a gut and still need to claim food stamps to survive whilst the bosses like Jeff Bezos become fat cat billionaires off the backs of their employees.

Ellatynemouth Level 8 May 15, 2018

He is being sarcastic in his title. If you read the article it illustrates how rich people keep getting richer under Trump and everyone else is not supported.


He's a great guy, always worth listening to. He made a doco a year or two ago about economics in the US. Excellent watching. Quite damning of the Clinton period, and I think Clinton was his student back in the day.

David1955 Level 7 May 15, 2018

They were classmates.


Love him. An insightful, entertaining and understandable economist.

kmdskit3 Level 8 May 15, 2018

Swedish Perspective.

Coldo Level 8 May 15, 2018

They charge you to stay overnight in hospital ? I live in The U.K . Prescription charges are free for the over 60,s ( like me) too.

@Hebert54 Not every country has free health care as we do in the u.k.In Scotland prescriptions are free to everyone.

@Coldo That’s only to keep you Hibernians under control!!

@Hebert54 Rangers!!


Same in Oz, tax cuts for the top end, reduction in corporate taxes, no increases in the lowest incomes for almost 25 years. Everybody is screaming about it, but that same everybody are the same clowns who voted in our current disastrous government.

Rugglesby Level 8 May 14, 2018

Trickle-down discredited economics, alive and well in Oz, 30 years behind as always. From our trickle-down discredited PM.


Mr. Reich it is a sharp fellow. it's almost hard to watch. he can be so right about things that suck so much.

hankster Level 8 May 14, 2018

I totally concur. For some reason those who major in economics, and other majors, can't understand the exponential function.

@gsiamne whoa there. I was one of those other majors, art. I normally don't get all of what he's trying to tell me but I get enough.

@hankster Reich has made a lot of videos put in layman's terms. I used to follow him on Facebook. They're probably still available on his web site.

@bingst thanks bing.

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