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LINK Under banner of peace, U.S. opens embassy in Jerusalem. Sixty miles away, dozens of Palestinians are killed. - The Washington Post

So where's Jared? I thought HE was supposed to be brokering peace in the Middle East (among his many other duties). This bone-headed move was done solely as a sop to Trump's fundie Evangelical crowd. It had NOTHING to do with Israel, Palestine, or the whole two-state question, IMO.

BookDeath 8 May 15

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Trumpie just keeps getting lower and lower in my judgement and I cannot find a word to explain my frustration.

Right there with you. I keep googling synonyms for "heinous". I too am running out of adjectives. I wake up every morning and have a little (LOT) outrage with my coffee. Oh, and check to make sure he hasn't, you know, nuked anyone. (B/c he could and is such a snowflake.)

@BookDeath I get up and say he can't getany lower but he keeps going.

@Marine someone commented to me once that Trump just continues to set the bar lower and lower for egregiously bad and irrational behavior/speech. I snorted and replied that as far as I could tell, he threw the damn bar away a loooong time ago!

@BookDeath He is below something but i cannot tell what

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