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New on here, currently in school and am doing work on String Theory, anyone have any opinions or insights? I'd be fun to hear them.

Wellnowbub 3 Dec 14

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I "invented" string theory in 1971 in P.S. 81 in Riverdale, NY. This was just after I read Flatland and also found out about quantum physics. I was 11. Here's what I came up with:

Imagine our universe is a flat plane. Imagine this plane is traveling along the axis of an infinitely long cylinder filled with spaghetti (or string, if you prefer). Any piece of spaghetti intersecting the plane is an observable particle. Because spaghetti loops and curls, the same strand of spaghetti may appear in two or more places on the plane, appearing to us as a quantum entanglement. The beginning of a strand of spaghetti may intersect the plane, and we observe a particle appearing from nowhere. Or a strand may end and we see a particle disappear. 45 years ago, I believed this to account for many unusual quantum effects. How did I do, @Wellnowbub ?

Its interesting. I enjoyed reading it, but this would introduce many problems we already know to be true in mathematics. Really neat idea though. Also strings are not particles. just a side note


I graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology (when it was 'University of Missouri-Rolla'πŸ˜‰ with a physics degree back when pluto was still a planet, and quantum chromodynamics wasn't yet a thing ... so I have some opinions and ideas I'd love to bounce off your current knowledge and see what you think about them.

Haha back when Pluto was still a planet not that long ago, but before Chromodynamics now that's before my time, it is a great way of describing the Strong Force. I find it neat that QC was discovered as a result of ST. Just goes to show us, how many things in our universe is really connected.


Welcome to the site. I hope you find it engaging. I have no background in theoretical physics β€” just like listening to science educators about it and other topics β€” but good luck to you in your studies.

thank you I appreciate it!


Hello. I would be interested to hear about string theory. Can you please describe it to me? In ten words or less. (Just kidding). Welcome to this site! I am new here myself.


Is Broad Ripple still a nice place to live?

Um it went through a phase of being SUPER ghetto, but they've cleaned it up and I'd say it's a nice place to live again.

wow its been a long time since I lived there (19900 back then it was the place


Opinions and insights on what? String theory?

Let me know when quantum gravity works. Just pulling your chain. Welcome aboard.

Haha if I could sit here and explain that, it wouldnt be over a blog. I'd probably be giving a speech on that to be a Nobel Prize contestant.


Wow - just keep us informed! Welcome aboard, and glad you’re here (Dog damn!) ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 14, 2017
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