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Has someone passed away that promised to visit you after?

I have had 2 relationships with men who've passed away. Both said "Do you want me to visit you after death if I can?" Both times I said, "sure just don't scare the hell out of me".
The first one (19yo) took me for an out of body experience. It was very strange. I was in a car with 4 other people and suddenly was in the sky above us. This continued for about I'd say 2 minutes but is was a long long time ago. I was scared, it was winter and I opened the car window near me to feel the cold. I needed to FEEL it. To know I was alive. Everyone yelled at me to shut the window.
My husband of 26 yrs passed from cancer in 2005 and I swear I could have made huge dollars buying stock in GE he blew all my light bulbs on a regular basis. First he blew 8 bulbs in the kitchen, then the light beside my couch in the liv. room flickered so much I traded for one across the room. Which then flickered enough to drive me crazy.
He told me not to let my son or sister 'use' me or live with me. So my sister was coming from CA to visit. I opened the futon in the spare bedroom and made sure the halogen light worked. It blew the bulb. I had new ones I put them in, they blew. I got frustrated and threw that halogen light away. Then took the one from the basement and put it in that room. When she left the light didn't work. I asked her what happened to it. She said she didn't know but it blew the first time she turned it on. SO... WEIRD right??

K9Kohle789 7 Dec 14

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I sincerely believe we are spirits. We are made of energy and when we die, since energy NEVER dies, where do you think it goes? I think it goes into rebirth but sometimes spirits linger before moving on. I suppose any response is a bonus on this post. Since most are agnostic (don't know & won't suppose) or atheist (no god) then why not accept there may be a different option? Geez it's not like I'm practicing witchcraft without a license or something. Alho paganism is another option.


We're your two after life man stories reversed in your history above ? Reading each in order I assume the 1st occurrence was over 26 years ago ? Regardless I am sorry, widow, for your losses and men who promised return post mortem. Do you think both phenomena could be caused by only one of the men ? Seems predictable one could be jealous of the other or an unknown motive. ?


???? Have you tried ... LED bulbs they will save you a lot of power usage charges? ... Getting your wiring checked?


Please don't be offended by this.

First word that comes into my head on reading this is : AVOID!

oh poo

I have to agree with that.

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