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LINK Israel accuses unarmed Palestinian protesters of running in front of their bullets just to make them look bad

I was pleased to hear the Prime Minister of Canada call for an investigation into the Israeli military's use of live rounds on Palestinian civilians. How it will impact the dacronian Israeli regime is yet to be seen.

Surfpirate 9 May 17

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Unarmed? That's a lie.. []

Stone slingers against snipers with military hardware as shown on Facebook? That's your position or are you making some sort of weird joke?

When you step up and call someone a liar at least bring some decent evidence to the argument, otherwise you just look like an idiot.

@Surfpirate They "hurled GRENADES, FIREBOMBS and rocks."

@Surfpirate Unarmed - "not equipped with or carrying weapons." Stating they were unarmed is a lie.

@repubatheists Yeah Sure, whatever. Reminds me of that black kid that got shot with a toy gun in his hand in a toy store because the cops said he was armed, maybe holding a pencil in a threatening manner is being armed. Being called a liar by an idiot is no big deal, no offense taken.


Having heard from at least one Jewish acquaintence, and reading of Israle's response, that just about sums it up. Some world.


Funny title. On point!



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