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What would be good ideas for someone wanting to write an "atheistic" song?

I'm thinking of making some new music soon. want to focus my music on atheism, humanism, anti-christianity, something like that, but I want to make something with a subtle message where it wouldn't be so obvious. Haven't started anything yet, its just a thought right now. Any good ideas?

Lucas20520 6 Dec 14

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I like Greydon Square he is an atheist rapper.

I like that. First time hearing it.

Check out my music. I posted it a few weeks ago. I have 2 pages on reverbnation.

Also search 'Poison Atheist' on YouTube.

Let me know what you think.


We're on the road to nowhere, Talking Heads


Been done. John Lennon, Imagine.


My favorite of all time is "Imagine" by John Lennon. You might listen to it for inspiration.


Tool and A Perfect Circle already did it.


Start listening to Norwegian Death Metal bands. You'll get all the inspiration for god hating and goat sacrificing lyrics you could ever want.


Trust The Eyes not The Ears!
A fool Can Hear, but a wise man can see.

@Jello_vero I see, said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.


It would depend on whether you want to be anti god or pro goodness. Anything about anti-god might refer to the hypocrisy of organized religion. I think the way to world peace is to find a common meeting-ground outside of, or in spite of, religion.


“Live like its your last day, love like its your first!”


I guess every song I write is atheistic... flag or no flag.


whatever comes natural, right? If it doesn't come natural to you, it is just a jingle.

     true believer of the farse           6/1/16

candle lights wane
by the winds of change
blowing off days
in my almanac

my body
ignores pain
for another
at paradise

so here we are...
follow my lead
my mambo on two
we prep on six
right on time

so i face...
the riddle of the farse
never keeper of the faith
carry no flag
never post or tweet
to save the day
my face...
my calling card

i am shadow...
in colored shades
never a gray
latino style
distinguish me
from the dull cammoflage

dancing nights away
mambo and swing
under the stars
as youth we live
until we die
we did it all
with no regrets
believing in the farse

we are not saviors of the world
we are as selfish as word i
we learned to dance another day
and to grow from our mistakes
without blame
or sacrifice

for all we knew
we learned worship of the flesh
suckers for beauty in a dress
chasing perfumes
lingering in our beds
for all we know
real love never ends
so while others leaving
we chose to stay
alone... or with a mate

in case you wonder
i will be the one
in two tone shoes
and matching tie
and with a gaze
that never minds
little concience
and bright eyes
following movement
of young thighs
still believer of the farse

we raise our voice but not to shout
we just wanted to be heard
beyond the norm
of the usual mouse
and proud
within our silly selves
in the lonely dark

in empty hands
memories are...
last glory to fade

we used to dance above the clouds
on holidays and summer nights
wouldn't matter beach or park
we kiss and dance
at same time
split a beer...
share a laugh

i offer you
partner in crime
for old time sake
for all seasons
and every age
last chance to own
the last i have

and when we gone
we ate our cake
among memories
of the smiles

those who remember us
won't let us die
hail to the believers of the farse
living it up high
until our last empty glass

we won't acknowledge
curfew in our souls
if we got time
in our hands

but as the mambo plays
we congregate
to find another life
in a lindy hop
or west coast swing
in prose and rhyme

a hope in a new love
a truth in an old lie
and thus the masquerade
i will believe in any farse
that prolong my life
another day
and delays saying goodbye
to anyone of you my friends
as a true believer of the farse
i will embrace
the last train
out of the boredom
of decay

and here to you
and here we are...
follow my lead
i mambo on two
we prep on six
don't wait for me
i won't be late
a dancers faith
we dance our fate
my love for you
had never end

i may be the last...
of the believers of the farse
my partner, lover and friend
so come on in
there's space for two
in this charade
i called love
you called life
we can't say...
or otherwise
let's just dance
to the riddle of the farse

what will be a life
without a partner to dance
so it says...
answer to the riddle...
of the farse

so we at last found the truth
sharing this gaff
and so by ourselves
as we dance
we will be...
the last ones to laugh
and find...
joy and amusement...
in the farse
before we say
to love and life...
my friends
we say...

you have to be a true believer of the farse
you have to be a true believer of the farse
you have to be a true believer of the farse
you have to be a true believer of the farse

to stay alive
to stay alive
to stay alive
to stay alive

      by hector l martinez
           jacksonville fl

I want to use the concept done by Crashtest Dummies - mmmm mmmm mmmm and Cage the Elephant - No Rest for the Wicked. Both have two verses of people in desperate situations but none so much as the religious people of the final verse.

Of course some parody is always fun. John R Butler - God Will F*ck You Up is an all time favorite.

I prefer the straightforward approach though. Rush - Freewill is a good example.


Shelley Segal writes atheist songs.

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