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LINK Jupiter and Venus Squeeze Earth's Orbit - Scientific American

Uh oh, another NATURAL contributor to Climate Change and a pretty big one, which we cannot control...

NotConvinced 7 May 18

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This is the important point...'"This is probably pretty low down the list of things to be concerned about. How much CO2 we're putting in the atmosphere, that's of a more immediate concern." Because, despite our planetary neighbors’ best efforts, our orbit has barely budged as we’ve observed our climate change'
So, negligible & let's work on what we can!

This is a total red-herring!

@NotConvinced My source was your own article!


Huh? An utterly completely wildly insignificant contributor to climate change over the short term. I'm sure there are people ignorant enough of the science to think this somehow has any relevance to AGW, hell, many of them are in Congress.

@NotConvinced I read thearticle and I am scientifically literate. It is a change that takes place over hundreds of thousands of years, not decades. The debate about AGW was over a decade ago. Because the Koch brothers and the energy industry have funded a massive disinformation campaign and purchased numerous politicians has no bearing on tne science.

@NotConvinced There's nothing to research, and overwhelming evidence for AGW which can easily be found if you bothered to look. By the way, the Earth is round, Evolution is a fact, and the Twin Towers were brought down by aircraft. I've wasted too juch time on this nonsense already.


Indeed so.


Always entertaining

Wasn't entertaining, wasn't even relevant!

@NotConvinced Did you read your own post beyond the headline???


F*ck#ing aliens!!!!!

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