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How could Jesus’ body descend off into Heaven?

This was something hat I really had to think about this morning. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought only the soul was supposed to go to Heaven. Well, Jesus’ body was nowhere to be found three days after he was killed then resurrected from his father, God up in Heaven. This would mean either someone stole his physical body or his physical body shot off into Heaven, which would be incorrect because the physical is of the world and I thought only the soul could enter Heaven. Also, how could Jesus also be God? Wouldn’t that mean God impregnated his own mother with himself/son? Leave your answers below and give me feedback.

By EmeraldJewel7
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This actually reflects a confusion of beliefs. Most Jews at the time didn’t believe in a soul that gets separated from the body and goes to heaven or hell. So for Jesus to go to heaven the story would have required him to be resurrected. Later on Christian doctrine introduced the judgement immediately after death, etc. There is little evidence that the guys who wrote the gospels and Acts believed in the soul going to heaven or hell immediately after death, but the Greeks believed in a soul that moved on without the body to an afterlife, and the New Testament was written in Greek, which no doubt started influencing thinking and confusing things very early on.


It happened the same way a pumpkin turned into a chariot so that Cinderella could go to the ball. The same way Alice went down the rabbit hole and chased a rabbit with a hat. The dame way Sleeping beauty ate a poison apple and fell into a deep sleep and could only be awaken by a kiss. Don't try to make sense of fairy tales.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

You are expecting the bible to be internally consistent? There are tons of inconsistencies in the bible, it is self-contradictory in many places.

Jesus is not the only one who allegedly went into heaven bodily, there are several others.

As for the god impregnating Mary, how could an alleged non-corporeal entity that is outside space and time impregnate a biological entity that is bound in space and time? Where did the sperm come from?

If god is Jesus's father how is he from the line of David? In that time ancestry was traced on the father's side, no one really cared who the mother was related to. In the bible there are 2 genealogies for Jesus, one in Matthew and the other in Luke. Matthew starts with Abraham and Luke starts with Adam, both lists are identical from Abraham to David, but they differ radically from David to Jesus with believers offering all sorts of justifications and attempts at explanation for the differences.

icolan Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

you are picking parts of a fantasy to believe or not to believe. jebus never became a zombie, if he ever existed in the first place. you will only know peace when realize that its all crap.

turf Level 4 Dec 15, 2017

I wouldn't get bogged down with all that crap as that is all it is.



He couldn't and didn't... if he ever existed at all.

whoHearer Level 5 Dec 15, 2017

With a giant air balloon!

Arasmuson Level 6 Dec 15, 2017

Because the Bible tells us that God can do miracles.

Funny he did miracles back then, but can’t do any miracles today.

There are a load more people around now, maybe he got tired performing miracles?


Ascend or descend… If anyone finds it entertaining to ..confuse the geese on that one, or any of the multitude of biblical inconsistencies, enjoy!

Personally, I determined decades ago that to engage to the extent it might wake some religionists up, I’d have to ‘know their stuff.’ F-that, thought I ... I’m not spending a millisecond on such bullshit! Cuz if I needed that level of familiarity with one religion, what about all the others..?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching those having been force-fed such pablum as youth take revenge on their previous oppressors by using their ‘knowledge’ on the subject … but just don’t expect any help from me smile001.gif

Varn Level 8 Dec 15, 2017

Lol I meant to say ascend, but was so worked up when typing that questing.


God is jesus.

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