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Has anyone here ever been on a weightloss/fitness journey?

How did you lose weight and get fit? Feel free to post before & after pictures!!!

mousefromvenus 4 May 19

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I got off of the wrong depression medication. I lost 54 lbs.

Your transformation is amazing but there ain't much meat on those bones - do you ever feel food deprived?

Damn. You got some arms on you! Looking good.

@SLBushway I eat a lot. I have a fast metabolism. A month and a half ago, I ate my own whole pizza to myself, came home an hour later and had 2 sandwiches, oatmeal, and a protein cookie.

@SLBushway I have to eat all the time. Snacks throughout the day.

@mousefromvenus Thanks.

@Beatnik Thanks.


I owned a 1/4 ton pick up truck. One day i realized 500 pounds was a quarter ton, and i weighed 440. I was about to exceed the weight limit of my truck. I lost 150 pounds in 3 years. I stopped watching TV. Mainly commercisls. Media. Advertising. No more eating out. No fast food. No dish washers. Anywhere i went locally, i walked, or biked. More trips to grocery store yo buy less. It's a long story. I have 100 pounds to go. I do eat out on ocassion. I calorie count. Lots of factors.

Remove all processed foods (anything with added salt-sugar-oils or un-natural ingredients) and meats from mammals if you haven't already. Congratulations... that's amazing what you've done!

@mtnhome I'm not perfect with it, but try.

@Beatnik One thing I've found for sure is that the brain rewires itself when new habits are formed that include success and rewards. Eat some stuff you're maybe not wild about but you KNOW are lower fat, lower calorie, and no chemicals. Keep weighing yourself DAILY (daily is important for rewarding the brain and keep a record). Each time you see another pound gone your brain rewards itself with a dose of 'happy' chemicals (endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine). You'll train your brain to crave the healthy foods because it's rewarded with the lower body mass and all the rewards that come with that. Those foods will soon completely replace the high-fat, -salt, -sugar and -calorie foods and will become the foods you think about when feeling ready for a snack or meal. My brain is completely rewired with all new trigger foods after 3-years of this. Foods that used to get me salivating make me just a little nauseous now.


About 10 years ago I was 25 lbs. heavier than I am now. When I was at the store buying my first pair of size 34 pants, I realized I was just going to keep getting bigger if I didn’t start doing something about it. I gave up cookies, cereal, and bread and got a little trampoline (rebounder). I joined a gym for a while. It was a kick when I was able to fit into my 32s again. Exercise doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t like exercising, but I’ve been doing it regularly for several years.

I don’t have any before and after photos, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Only my whole adult life.


Well, in my life I have gained and lost about 3 other people. I wish I was the size I was the first time I thought I was fat.

Exactly! When I see photos of when I thought I was fat, I really wish I was that size now!


It was unintentional, but it was a journey, as I went to Guineau in West Africa for five weeks. The food was wholesome and nutritious. But, it had virtually no fat and no sugar. I only drank water and the occasional coffee while I was there. I came home 20 lbs lighter!

HA... exactly! I've lost 73# in the past 3-years by doing nothing but eating that way. Wholesome nutritious foods with no additives (like straight from the farm), little meat, only natural drinks (tea, coffee) with no chemicals, or calories added. You were eating the way everyone did 60+ years ago...before the factories started creating fast food, junk food and adding salt, sugar, fats, and chemicals into everything we eat. Those were the days when few people were obese and diabetes was rare. We CAN go back to that style of eating. A few of us here have done that. Don't stop.

@mtnhome Yes, now that I'm home I'm limiting my portions a little bit, and checking my weight daily to make sure I don't gain it back. But in our culture, it is very to avoid !


Yes. I'm constantly trying to lose weight. But I decided to get off the self ridicule carousel and accept myself as I am. That's a more worthwhile journey.


I just returned from 2.5 weeks watching my 2 grandsons in another state. I was surprised to find that I lost 7 pounds during that trip. Besides the extra activity of doing 3 times as much laundry and dishes as I usually do, and being dead tired by the end of the day from interacting with the little ones, the only other difference was that I didn't have my usual beer with dinner.

So, now that I'm home, I'm going to see if I can keep the 7 pounds off by cutting out that dinner time beer and ramping up my exercise routine, by adding a little more swimming. I plan to swim 30 minutes, bike 75 minutes, and walk anywhere else I need to go for a while. My car is in the shop, so that helps me keep to the walking part.

@Beach_slim resistance is futile!!!


I have. I lost 70 lbs. I started running 2 years ago. That and smaller meal portions did the trick.


I used to weigh 248lb then got on an app called MyFittnessPal and got myself down to 205lb. That said I'm back to 225; decided to jump back on that app actually as of Monday

I think you can ease the way by removing meats from mammals and most processed foods. The app is great but changing what you eat is the biggest change you can make for life. My excess baggage has been melting off non-stop just by removing ALL crappy foods from my kitchen. Eating out is tougher unless a place has a great salad bar. I've gone from 239# to 166, so far. 10-15# to go.

Yes - My Fitness Pal is a great app - as is "Foodswitch" which you can scan barcodes on items and it offers healthier choices.


A combination of weightlifting and cardio (mostly weightlifting) with a focus on progressing. Minimal supplements, creatine and 1-2 scoop of protein powder per day (only to make sure I hit my protein goal, about 0.8-0.9g per pound of body weight). I tracked all my nutrition with MyFitnessPal, and after losing some initial fat I upped my calories to support my muscle retention (I always stayed in a calorie deficit to promote fat loss).

I could go into more detail but that is it in a nutshell. If you want to see my progress in this journey check out my instagram page:


Crikey Moses! That's you?

@Ellatynemouth yes 🙂

@mousefromvenus thanks very much 🙂

@nutrition_nerd I understand that 0.8-0.9g protein per kg of body weight is the established RDA. Typically the RDA is the minimum amount to consume per day to prevent negative health effects, it is not a maximum, and the RDA assumes a sedentary lifestyle.

To my knowledge, if a person is an athelete or is more active, their protein requirements are higher, and from my own research, protein consumption would have to be extremely high before there would be any danger to your kidneys.

Here is a video from Eric Helms, who is a very well respected bodybuilder who also holds various degree programs in relevant areas, including a masters in sport nutrition.

You can also learn more about Eric’s expertise here (believe me I am a skeptic and this is not pseudoscience): []

@nutrition_nerd Fair enough, I respect that, and if a person has renal issues then I completely agree, but I think if you have a look at the newest studies on such topics you might be surprised at the protein intakes that can be tolerated. That being said, just because it can be tolerated it doesn’t mean it actually does anything. Generally the upper ceiling on this (as far as effectiveness goes) is like 2.8g per kg or 1.2g per pound.

Thanks for the discussion!


I was an obese kid. I would eat all the food left on my family's plates before washing the dishes. And my father enjoyed having an eating partner. My first job was as a baby sitter which was during the summer after 8th grade. I didn't understand the foods that the mother had prepared for me to give her children. All I knew was my family's foods(my ethnic foods). So I skipped eating at work, which was the elimination of dinner for me. Even at the age of 14, I felt very guilty feeding her kids what I knew was goy crap. So just in time for high school, I had a slammin' body. I had lost ALL my fat and three chins. Back then girls could not wear pants to school. I made my clothes and loved that I had shrunk/shrank(sp?) my stomach's capacity. Since then, I have lived on natural foods only..nothing processed. So 50 years later, I still weigh what I weighed then. That is to say: I had stopped living to eat. ps. I would like to see a trend eliminating cake as the food to celebrate occasions .


Yes, i had to cut down on the things i was originally eating due to IB problems. At the time i was eighteen stone and since then without even realising i shot from eighteen to sixteen in a month and a half. Now I'm going to begin very soon losing the rest at the gym.

Tips: This worked for me anyway, i stuck to a strict three meal a day routine which is still going on now. If anything i'd say its just a case of changing my foods and maybe portion sizing a bit more


The most difficult, but profound thing I did was change from feeling uncomfortable when not full (of food), to feeling uncomfortable feeling full, and comfortable feeling empty. And while feeling empty and thinking I was hungry, knowing it was then I was loosing weight. Then only eat very small amounts. Like a mouthful. We eat way too much. In a way we waste food by eating too much.


Well, I spent 5 years in the Army. Went in at 125 pounds and left at 180. I got buff, got athletic, and then I got injured. Now I need to find a way to shed some pounds. But with a hurt knee & ankle, it’s hard to really get back into being athletic.


Never been on a diet in my life


I signed up for a 5k. I was slow and puked at the end but signed up for a second one. Then, a buddy talked me into running a half marathon. Then, the same buddy talked me into running a full marathon. This was within a 3 year period but I lost 50+ lbs training for them. My marathon days are over but I still enjoy running 5ks and half marathons.


I'm down 73# in 3-years by removing red meats and processed foods from my diet. That pretty much includes 95% of what most (fat) people eat. I eat chicken breast, wild-caught salmon, fat-free dairy, egg-whites, farm-fresh fruits and veggies, minimal nuts and grains and drink only tea and coffee with stevia, or water. But I can eat pretty much all I want on this list and still lose weight. I've never been hungry. Still losing. 10-15# to go to get to a BMI of 23-24. This was so easy!


I went on many journeys through the years. I was super fit a few years ago when i was still teaching martial arts. Since then I do a lot less but i like to stay healthy - i just don't work myself to death like I did for my Black Belts.

I did go on a small journey last year and lost 10kg through just exercise, healthy eating and good sleep habits. It can be done 🙂


I was in the navy forvt20, so, yeah.


I lost ten pounds over the winter. I quit drinking alcohol, I avoid soft drinks, I stick to coffee, tea, and water, my diet revolves around rice and potatoes (made various ways) with a source of protein, fruits, and veggies. I rarely eat a traditional breakfast. I tend to wait until about 3pm or so to eat anything--though I do work nights--and I have a meal once I get home from work. Grain of salt, I have an outdoor job that requires a lot of physical labor. Also, I wasn't really trying to lose weight, it was just a variety of things that lead to this way. Also, cigarettes remain a pleasure as well as a vice, and I suppose there's nothing apologetic I can say about that, so no doubt that helps me delay feeling the need for food till later in the day.

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