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Christian just tried to feed one of the most ridiculous claims. The conversation just came up cause they were trying to warn everyone that Jesus is coming back soon. I told her ,”The world has been about to end for twenty, if not more years now. What’s taking so long?” She responded by saying ,” The reason the world hasn’t ended yet is because God is waiting for the last person who is meant to get saved to get saved and then the world will end.” I responded sarcastically,”God busted his supernatural ass to complicate everything to, one day to wait for this one special last person to get saved then end the world. That sounds like the illogical biblical God I read about.” They got pissed and said,” I was a smart ass and couldn’t take anything seriously.” I responded by saying,” Serious? I think your definition of seriousl goes out the window when the snake talked in the creation story.”

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 15

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Lol they just h8rs


As ridiculous as their claims are, I think it's best not to be rude. I know this is difficult, especially when they're so certain about their beliefs. The goal should be to get them to understand why you hold the position that you do, rather than ridiculing them. Be the one to promote a dialogue, not the one who tries to shut down the conversation.

Cause this person threatened me with Hell and I blew up.


Jesus is reported to have said that he would return while some of his listeners were still alive. That would mean that there are at least 2 people, about 2000 years old walking among us. Or maybe they are hiding out. But why are they hiding? Probably for the same reason that God is hiding. And your guess as to why is just as good as mine. But surely it isn't because they share the quality of non-existence. 🙂🙂


You're right. Albeit, we may have 100 or more years left. I'll be dead by then.


I don't argue with stupid people I just dismiss them as a waste of time.

Yes! Life is too short for that, and I need to put my focus on better things and live up this life to the fullest instead of trying to make a valid point with the brainwashed. I’m to the point now where I just listen to them and so t say anything.

It just takes time to learn not to play their games, you will get there.


It's me....sorry for holding everything up....I am almost done with this's the Saturday edition, after all, and I only answer it in sanskrit...Jesus keeps trying to help me, but I am so, like,"Back off Jesus, I can do it...remember what happened last time?" I know that's mean, but seriously, it's my crossword...he always steals sunday crossword...


I"m so sick of hearing about the second coming of Jesus. He ain't coming back. Why? Because there is no Jesus in the first place. It's mythology. It's like believing in Santa Claus, Popeye the sailor. If Jesus is so wonderful, why are like 25,000 children dying every day on this planet from starvation???? Why doesn't he come back with his basket of fish and feed everybody???

Thank you!


The world has been going to end for a lot longer than the last 20 years, believers of christianity have been predicting the end for about 2000 years.


I tend to either avoid conversations with people like that altogether or simply walk away when they start spouting their illogical, baseless bullshit.

Nice link you have here.


I've heard that, particularly from Jehovah's Witnesses, who seem to be stepping up their efforts to convert people lately in the face of what they believe are signs of the apocalypse coming. To that, I say "Even the Bible says that no man, even Jesus, may know when God will call down the apocalypse. What makes you think that you would know?"


The one thing I always keep in the back of my mind when talking to and person devotion to which witch craft religion they dable in is this person is brain washed and for me to convince them that that are brain washed would take hundreds of hours of deprograming.


Christians since the first century believed in the second coming. It was believed to be imminent, as can be seen in the Gospel writing where Jesus tells his disciples to abandon their families and stop planning for the future. And it didn't come to pass. So the next generation, and the next, and the next, up through this generation, have all believed the end times were to come about within their lifetime. You'd think a pattern of being wrong for 2000 years would be enough to quash such rubbish ideas, but they remain tenacious in their delusions.

They say,” people like us will be fooled when we die.” I say,” It’ll be funny if they’re fooled when they come to terms Heaven doesn’t exist, but then again, they’ll be too busy being dead to be aware of anything.”




There are those that say the Bible should be taken and read literally. Others say do not read the Bible stories literally, but metaphorically. What is the meaning behind the story.

The only way the bible should be taken is with a giant shipload of skepticism.

The bible is 100% accurate, if thrown at short range. 🙂


As far as the Jewish concept goes , the Messiah hasn't come the first time as yet. They're still waiting for him. But the Christian belief system says that he has , in the form of Jesus of Narareth. As for the Christian idea of the 'second coming ' , the way I've figured it. there hasn't been a first coming yet.

I'm reasonably sure that no messiah has ever come nor ever will, and the believers will be a long time waiting. Longer than the kid who waits for Santa, only to realize the truth, except the religious rarely realize the truth and when they do we get to celebrate that our community just got a +1.

They’ll probably react the same way all those same kids did when they come to realize Santa clause doesn’t exist.

Right! In Judaism the Messiah was to be a living, breathing, human being, start to finish and Jesus didn't start or finish anything.

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