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Anybody ever notice how a lot of religious people still rely on medical science when their god is supposed to be the almighty?

This is something I had to come here and ask. Lately I’ve been seeing religious people left and right go to doctor appointments, yet they preach to people like us how powerful their god is.

EmeraldJewel 7 May 20

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I recently told a preacher that people trust in doctors, then they hope in God.


The charismatic movement and Pentecostalism are based in large part on the notion that god actively and miraculously intervenes in human affairs no differently than he is said to have done in ancient times; that god's blessing to the righteous petitioner extends even to the restoration of physical health, miraculous protections, and even sometimes to raising the dead. But even in those groups, only extremists go so far as to deny that god might choose to meet medical needs through intermediaries like doctors. In fact I daresay most charismatics will agree that god usually handles things through doctors.

I always tell those folks to go empty a children's cancer ward, and then we can talk.


Yes exactly thats very true!


and then when they are well .. all we here is "Praise Jesus" .. if you challenge them - they just say that God must have placed the Doctor / Ambulance/ Medical evac chopper / Hospital where it was knowing that they would need help. Makes me want to hurt them all over again just to check their theory 🙂

Ugh sometime I wish the rapture would just happen already so they would just disappear as horrible as that sounds to leave all of everyone else that try to oppose their stupid beliefs on everyone else.


They'll take it all when push comes to shove.


When they are having a heart attack, they don't want prayer they want that ambulance.

Lmfao I did laugh out loud!


Republicans. Mostly old rich white "christians". Pro life... Except until the kid is born. Then you better not be a mooch and pull your weight! Ugh.


So many contradictions it makes my effin' head spin. Really!

Mental Gymnastics is what it takes to "believe"


It's worst than that. There are doctors and nurses who believe in prayers.

I need to be aware so I can warn my loved ones to stay away from these deluded idiots.


Most humans are basically sheep, they need to feel they "belong" to something even if it something as dangerous as religion. They offer prayer for people who need something more then prayers to get through something tragic like and illness or some other misfortune but when it happens to them. They seek out REAL solutions for their illness. My mother is the exact same way. Her reasoning is "god made these people so they can help us". A closed religious mind can rationalize anything with out ANY kind of proof.


That's a very good point.

Praying should be enough for them.


They also tend to look both ways before crossing the street. So much for blind faith... lol



There are blind followers, sheeple and fools . If they think a deity works through the hand of another suffers from delusional hypocrisies. If one went to school to be a Dr. Then it wasn't some woo based invisible Man in the sky scenario, the person took the time in school paid for the school to get to that level. If they were relying on the invisible Man in the sky then they wouldn't have to make that $150.00 appointment


The holy spirit works through those who heal.
So it isn't the doctor, it's the hand of their god.
That's how they figure it.

Works through the doctor, yet needs the aid of a human being to get the job done, but can do things like creature the world in 6 days. That sounds about right.

And sure as Hell aint bought no coffee.


This has been repeatedly pointed out and when there is success they say it was a miracle of god not the dr, or medicine.

1 my mind, I'm thinking...isn't god supposed to take care of you? If he wants you to live, you'll live, right? I made a comment on Facebook about why we are so special? People say "Maybe someone prayed for science" (in reference to a post I had made about science resulting in vaccines that have resulted in prolonged lives. To that stupid response, I said...."What, you don't think people thousands, or even tens of thousands, of years before the 1950's "prayed" to not have smallpox, or polio or one of the many diseases that found cures in the 50's?" What make US so special? Why didn't god answer these prayers thousands of years ago if he's so mighty. And IF he could fix it thousands of years ago, but didn't, then that speaks volumes about him/her/it.

Yes I agree! A powerful god shouldn’t need the aid of a human to do his work.

@CoastRiderBill aka bullshit. Again... As if the humans thousands of years previous to the 1950s didn't "do gods will". And weren't deserving of the things we somehow found ourselves worthy of. I have no image of god other than an image of a unicorn.


That's because they are delusional and ignorant.

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