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I'm currently debating a Christian about carbon dating of dinosaur fossils. Can you help?

This person made the claim that all dinosaur fossils have Carbon 14 still present in them. This would contradict the idea that these fossils are millions of years old. I've been trying to find an article about this, but all I see is creationist websites talking about it. Can anyone provide a link or some information about this?

CarlosHoyos 2 Dec 16

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Is your friend prepared to change his position in the face of facts? If not, I wouldn't bother.


sure ! How the hell long do you think that trilobite took to become a rock !! ??


Carbon dating is simple, reliable, time tested, science fact. The bible however is myth, legend; has been altered and changed myriad times. Read "Misquoting Jesus" by Ehrman, a PhD biblical scholar. It lays out facts that point out the bible is pretty much BS. Peace.


Short answer: no.


Yes. Stop trying; they are invested in their beliefs.

godef Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

You are evolving yourself in an act of futility by participating in a discussion that threatens the moron's core beliefs, it will accomplish nothing, just end it.


They tend to steer toward "inaccuracies" in carbon dating. They get hung up on the thousands-of-years ranges on the various isotopes. And they don't understand half life at all when it comes to radioactive decay. What they are doing is willingly blinding themselves to science they don't understand because it does not give them the precision of an exact date. They would only find something else if it did. Arguing with a true zealot is a fool's errand.


I don't know if this addresses the exact question or not, but look around the site. It has lots of good info.


skado Level 8 Dec 16, 2017

I agree with most, give up.
I had 2 joho teens call at my door last year to sell me a cooking book, then religion. After they confirmed their belief re the age of the universe I asked them how they felt about failing science at school. After some conversation I was told that all fossils are fakes put in place by Satan, the great deceiver to make people turn away from god and the bible. Lost cause.


Yes, stop it and find something more useful to clean the bottom of your plant pots.


You'll never win... because there is a fundamental flaw in carbon dating. It is not accurate and there are mistakes and debatable. It can go on forever. I'm assuming you are debating Creationism vs Evolution. I would target Creationism as a Science.

The weak point of Creationism is that it is not based on Science but faith. Creationism will end Science because it doesn't lead to questions to more questions. It just ends with "Because God made it that way."

Strangely, I'm a Conspiracy Theorist... Creationism fits into Aliens creating us as slaves for gold mines. The jumps that talked about in the fossil records and "Junk DNA" fits that theory. But Creationists are faith base and is against Science to gain more knowledge. I know all this sound insane. LOL

You mean like the Spanish did to the ancient Peruvian?


Just refer to the kt boundary layer. All dinosaur fossils are found beneath that boundary. That’s dated at 66 ma.

People like that cannot comprehend such concept like the Kt boundary. Waste of time trying to have a conversation about that.

It is tough to explain science fact to the ignorant uneducated. Religion is easier that learning science and thinking. Peace.


Carbon dating has its limitations, and that is why it is not used to date dinosaur fossils. This article spells out some of the limitations and problems associated with Carbon 14 dating procedures.

Here is how dinosaur fossils are actually dated. It is a highly accurate process, but there is always a margin of error. The margin is rarely great.


We carbon date bones. Fossils are not bones.

They turned to stone long ago! I heard a dude explain dinosaurs and mentioned dragons. Can you believe the nonsense? Another preaching ass clown said Satan put those fossils there to make us doubt. Ugh!


Recall a Potholer54 video on the subject . "Oi Kent, there's no #@%$ing carbon in it!".


One way of dating fossils is not to test the actual fossils themselves but to test the rocks or volcanic material near them, or that they were found in.


You're wasting your time Carlos. Even if you found written scientific narrative contradicting their assumptions it wouldn't matter. They are in a 'religious mind set' and that's where they're staying.

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