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LINK Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of Constitution

This is more biting satire from Andy Borowitz, but I think Trump would seriously like to try it.

BookDeath 8 May 21

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That would be breaking his oath of office.

Umm, satire? But he's mentioned breaking several of the Amendmendt explicitly already.


That would be unconstitutional. He doesn't have the power.

That prob. wouldn't stop him from TRYING, should he think he had a chance. I wouldn't put anything past him!


And many laws already on the books to protect us from people like him.


I think Trump would do it in a heart beat if he could.We already have "Fake News" if it doesn't suit him.We can "Deny Certain Facts" this is the road to the 1984 in Orwell's novel

Coldo Level 8 May 21, 2018

It's satire, it says so right at the bottom of the article.

I mentioned that it was satire in my comment. That notwithstanding, I still think 45 would attempt this, did he think he had a chance.

@BookDeath That wasn't for you, it was for the people commenting uncertain whether or not it was a real transcript. People tend to believe what they'd like and register only what they read that they agree with.


I read that earlier. I sincerely hope he doesn't try it.
It would not end well, for a lot of people.
Probably myself included.

i know i would be ready to fight. but i am old as dirt now days. lol

@cobra3282000 Same here. I'd do it anyway.

@cobra3282000 I'm in the "Old"category myself now-just turned 57-but MANY people I know who are my age and indeed much older are vital members of the Resistance. You're never too old to join the fight!


Even if he really said this or not, he doesn't have the power to do that, that would be start of a revolution like not seen in this country since revolutionary war. just saying.

Well, there are MANY, like the Koch bros. for example, who call often and loudly for another "Constitutional Convention." So this is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

the day they take my constitution away and my guns away, will be the day i die with honor in battle. just saying.


Haha! Brilliant! “We’re going to keep the Second Amendment,” he said, “and definitely the Fifth.” ...First Amendment “something that really has to go.”

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