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Will society ever be able to have a serious discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without accusations of antisemitism being hurled about?

NerdyTeacher 3 Dec 16

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discussion of how long it will take to annex the whole territory you mean. Coz if you follow the gradual shrinking of gaza etc you'll see it is only a matter of time. those russians filling up israel will make sure of it. thank the brits for the whole f---ing mess

with help from hitler and himmler


Until a degree of honesty enters both camps, I highly doubt it.


What I mean is that we can't talk about what the Israelis do to the Palestinians without being verbally attacked. In academia, scholars risk losing their jobs if they say anything negative about Israeli activities.


You are not kidding! Even when I start to think about it, it all sounds so awful. It seems like a lose/lose situation at the present time. Ugh.


Do you mind if I don't care?


Palestineans and Jewish Israelis are both Semite-same dietary laws.

Not precisely. Halal and Kosher laws are somewhat different. And the term anti-Semitism applies, by definition, to Jews only.


Not in the near future, i don't think.
There still are some Palestinians left in Palestine.

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