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I hate to say it but these were the kind of things unions fought for. The workers today have no one looking after them. They republicans have soften safety rules that impede profit , they dump waste toxic products in the water. Now we must live with this toxic Supreme Court for some time.

do you hate to say it? Unions have been instrumental in pushing human rights forward. They've been the target of smear campaigns for decades for that reason. Don't drink the capitalist kool-aid lol.

@Blindbird My father lived only on social security becaused the union he worked under for 45years was broke from being crooked.

@Marine thats awful.


Is it time for all out revolt yet? I'm ready?

It's primary election day in Kentucky, I got to go vote


The start of the slippery slope.Do you have Zero hour contracts yet?

Coldo Level 8 May 22, 2018

what are they?

What is a zero hour contract?

@HippieChick58 A "Contract" of employment that gives you No guaranteed hours,(they can send you home if they don't need you if its quite) No sick pay,No holiday pay,No guanteed "Minimum" wage.They are common now in the U.K.(Legalised Slavery!)

@Coldo Wow, that sucks big time.

@HippieChick58 You are heading there!

@Coldo I hope I can retire before that becomes a thing.


Too many lawyers, not enough common sense.
Law has almost become a cartel.


That is a horrible ruling. The conservatives love of big business is sickening. All the more reason to change the Congress.


Well that sucks for the working class


Our fearless leaders are going to keep running this country into the ground at the expense of its citizens until it is a lifeless third-world husk.

Then they'll pack up their fortunes and move to somewhere nice.


Just wait til the Janus decision... 😟


I think that Neil Gorsuch is an honest justice. It isn't the the proper role of the Supreme Court to rewrite the laws to what they think they ought to be, although it seems that they do it all too often. Congress can change the law if they want to.




Good seems like we just can't get anything right!

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