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LINK Don’t applaud Pope Francis’s stance on homosexuality – it’s still in line with Catholic teachings | The Independent

Pope Francis is still lipstick on a pig unless he aggressively allows all of the abusers in the church to be prosecuted. I think the Cardinal Law is still hiding out in the Vatican instead of facing charges

DaveSchumacher 7 May 22

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Perverted Christian fools


Exactly. This shit he is saying is just to save face at best. I remember being in a Catholic University at the time, taking a religious studies course as one of the schools requirements just after Francis got appoutned. It was explained that he was discussing homosexuals (the people) not the identity. He stated homosexuals can get into heaven, but this is not saying those who engage in their identity could. This is no different from hat the sin non the sinner condescension they've always used. It's very disheartening to see how much people and the media venerate the fucking pope....the oldest Christian cult's infallable god on Earth...


Just the usual primitive, useless scumbag. Hope he dies soon!

zesty Level 7 Oct 5, 2018

I had high hopes for this one, but his stance on trans issues is gross.

The Catholic church preys on the poorest people on planet Earth while accumulating riches beyond belief. There is no justification for that kind of a fraud and putting lipstick on a pig doesn't take away from that.


I never applaud a Pope for any reason. I do admire the fact they aren't afraid to take a fashion risk. ☺


Catholicism has always been a blight on humanity. It doesn't matter who the
figurehead is.
This guy is just as bad as any of the others by virtue of his position.
The rcc should be obliterated, just like every other religion.


He's done more than any previous Pope so my hats off to him.


The pope is playing with words to obfuscate the whole truth. "God loves gay people as they are". Yeah right, but God isn't half so accommodating if gay people act on their desires. Then the rules such as in Leviticus 18 and 1 Timothy 1 come into force.


The Catholic Church is like a quickly evolving parasite that knows the changing world is about to shake it off, so it's changing to hang on.

I will never forgive the Catholic and Christian churches for their centuries of misogyny and homophobia.


I have a standard response any time I see or hear of the pope :
Fuck that piece of shit.


Lest someone murder him as well, incremental steps forward are still steps forward.
Just this minor acknowledgement can influence the 12th century thinking of millions of Catholics in Spanish speaking countries.


Well, Law died last year so the lipstick on a pig saved Law from dying an ignoble death in prison?

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