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I think this says it all.

Gatovicolo 7 Dec 16

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Religions are based on fear. Keep people uninformed and afraid of some god/monster/damnation, and you can pretty much get them to believe anything. It has worked for countless generations. Most people don’t question it, because they’re taught that it is unquestionably the truth. It needs to be exposed, and expunged from the human record.

I’d agree for revealed religions. Native religions are more about explaining the universe in an archaic manner.


Love it!


The human brain is an incredibly powerful thing... religion constricts it. If there is a god (highly unlikely) I doubt he'd want us to squander our intellect and limit our understanding. Wasn't it Galileo who said something similar? Adhering to a single book is illogical in so many ways they're impossible to quantify.


It does have all the answers... the wrong answers.

Oh it has the right answers. For example, what’s the name of your fictional skygod? Yahweh? Great. Here’s a gold star. Go sit down.


Yes, I think it does.


Well, we know which one will succeed. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 17, 2017
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