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How long will it take for at least Christianity to become extinct? Decades? Centuries?

AndrewSnow 3 Dec 17

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We will all be dead by then, i think its probably never. so glad there is a life span so we aren't stuck in the middle of all this crap forever (or eternity or afterlife or whatever it is the bible thumpers believe) I have no religious friends, the closest I get to holy rollers is my cat groomer, and my part time employees crazy wife, the cat groomer is useful the latter is just nuts. I never see her except by accident.


Religions come and go with whoever is the dominant empire. All indications point to China being the next one, so I'm not sure it will ever be extinct, but it will lose its dominance. The Chinese are mainly Buddhists and Taoists, both of which are more of a philosophy that a religion, and hence no God to worship. That'll be a big improvement!


Hopefully before we become extinct. If not then, then at the same time.


We can only hope it eventually does. Because the religion is so adaptable, the followers so deluded and they begin indoctrination at birth we may never fully recover.

Brings to mine "Sheperd Book" in the Firefly/Serenity series. While apparently a minority, there are still those "spreading the word" some thousands of years into the future.


centuries, maybe even a millenium


I can see it now in some far off century modern religious zealots comparing evangelical christians too worshippers of Baal and Beelzebulb.

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