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LINK Spygate: How Right-Wing Media Creates a Conspiracy Theory Out of Thin Air

This is information that we need to understand as the Spygate saga gets enough spin to wag the dog

AmelieMatisse 8 May 24

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If you realize how the brain works, it's quite easy to create a conspiracy theory. It's just the same as religion. Put something in someones brain, make it doubtful in the way that it "could be true". Continue feeding the doubt and slowly it becomes conviction. These conspiracy theories stay put for generations, just like Christianity has done to imprint their dogma's deep in the subconscious of the followers. And as the brain of humans work alike, even I could be a victim of such theory. Keep thinking yourself and try to recognize and prevent biases.

Gert Level 7 June 2, 2018

This is nearly as bad as accusing a pizza shop of running a child selling ring in their non-existent basement. SMFH
Some of these people STILL believe it happened despite the shop not having a basement !


This is a good example of why religion is not just a harmless fantasy, like a childish belief in Santa Claus, but a dangerous derangement of human reason. Religion blunts critical thinking, teaching that it is perfectly acceptable, nay, necessary, to believe the most outlandish rubbish without question or proof. Anyone who can swallow that "Christ-died-for-our-sins" line with all of its head spinning non-logic, will believe anything.


Billary paying 2 million of your BLUE DONATIONS for golden showers lies faked in Moscow. ....I voted Green Party Dr Jill 4 prez and fake news CNN pretends she does not exist on the ballot. ...the duopoly of TrumpOLINI and Billary is robbing USA BLIND OD 22 TRILLION since ReaGUN got what he wanted from Tip O'Neal


Funny thing is after they were singing Hossana's about trump winning the Nobel Prize... the submit got cancelled.


45 is a firm believer in lying to people. He has such little regard for anyone else that he doesn't feel like he needs to tell the truth to anyone.

He is running of things to lie about.

@GipsyOfNewSpain No worries. He'll just make up more garbage. You know, like "spygate". He's a malignant narcissist. He'll die before he ever admits he's wrong, or has done wrong.

@KKGator Oh he will die alright and he will claim it was a fake death.

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