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LINK 4-Mation carousel 1: Jumping Frogs - a 3D Zoetrope - YouTube

One more... how do they do that??

BeeHappy 9 May 25

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Do they vote we can use them.


I understand how these things work. What I wonder about is the design process - I could not design anything even remotely this clever.

These are made using a 3d printer and an animated 3d virtual model. The turn table is lit using an LED strobe lamp (some have been able to tweak the digital camera sweep to stop the motion instead)

@Lukian Thanks for the additional info on how this works!

here is another similar application:

@BeeHappy sorry sometimes I get all Cliff Claven and spontaneously explain things. I try to keep that part tied down a little but sometimes I can't help it. (thanks for your kind reply)

@Lukian Thanks!

@Lukian, please don't stop... some of us need all the help we can get. 🙂

@BeeHappy don't encourage the beast.... lol. got your back!

@Lukian by hecky thump. Tha's clever.


This is so neat!

I posted this and another one. I had to read up to see how they work. Pretty cool.


That's really amazing.. I feel like a big kid here.
Got any more?

I did post another one with fish. Lol

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