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where are you in the following meme-scale?

trashcendence 3 Dec 18

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So many options! So little time! I relate to many of the "titles" listed. I could not figure out which to say I mirror the closest. Admittedly, my eyes did burn out of my head at the sight of the word "Trump." It took me by surprise since I rarely expect to see the word "Trump" mixed with words that have more than 5 letters and do not hail from a very basic, dumbed down pre-school booklet. If Trump saw that meme, he would be stumped by all those words, but if he had to choose one, I think he would best be summed up with "Helicopter Throwing," minus the word "helicopter," insert the word "Fit."

Sadoi Level 7 Dec 25, 2017

and conciousness is a side of entropy


To answer that, I think I'd have to be on the same drugs as the person who wrote it.


Chaos Undivided represent!


Well I like most of what Molyneux says, though how on earth he's grouped with communism tickles my curiosity

I'm closest to an anarcho-capitalist, though I think that sometimes you do need government to keep big businesses in line and protect people's freedoms, in other words basically prevent slavery and punish/reform murderers.


No hits on that chart.


No where on it.


How can anyone put tRump in the moderate section???


I’m in the heavens apparently.


Didn't see liberal

it's in the top



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