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But my hippie mama is here to look after me

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

human always want to control and manipulate others even down to kids -disgraceful

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

Yes, they are the fearful ones.


Unfortunately the theft of children by our gov. has been going on for centuries. I was taken from my family at age 5 and separated from my 5 older siblings. We were all experimented on and most of us were abused. Indigenous families did not even have legal rights to their own children nor did slaves. I hate to imagine where those children are now or what they are being subjected to. It is a much more invasive problem than this story alone and IT NEEDS TO END!

I am sorry to hear that yes public need to know about this and ignorance is not an option


Must have been a lot of people calling my representative and saying, "Where are the children?" because his mailbox was full, but left messages for both senators.


Shared on FB.

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