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LINK Why Don't You Believe in God & Creationism | Brian - Nebraska | Atheist Experience 21.04 - YouTube

The first "miracle" the caller talks about was done in the church i grew up in over and over and over. And now that I think back, it was the same woman a lift of the times. Calling the nature Jesus was supposed to heal. Such bs

ashortbeauty 8 May 28

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I legitimately think the second half of that statement is more ridiculous than the first. Some super powerful being could've evolved but our pretty advanced dwarf cousins died (true we have a lot of cousins, we have Neanderthal DNA) a long time ago. We've got pretty damn powerful ourselves but... Come on an advanced species didn't appear out of nowhere and died in destroyed ancient wifi. But creationism? Really? Someone who never dies and is invisible? Trillions of lifeforms care about your body and there is daily internal ritual suicides to make way for new cells every day and if that screws up you get cancer but that is usually caught. Lucites destroying foreign objects... So much that peoples cells have been taken out, made to know what to attack and put back in they replicate and become kind of a vaccine. T2 cells I think. Even if you have no-one you've got those trillions of microscopic things working for you. Methane keeping your digestion in check and organs that
As a note I do not think some diety had anything to do with the evolution of everything. Other species causing extictions as well as Asteroids and many other. Photosynthesis for plants. You can look at anything and it'll be amazing. You don't need god for that.
[] <--- this is neat.
There is a guy called Will who doesn't freeze and can replicate the results in other people(teach). [] If you look in and out and a little less spiritual.


Love The Atheist Experience show.


I think I've seen all Dillahuntys offerings. Personally, I think he's a genius

Hutch Level 7 May 28, 2018

I wish I had his knowledge!

@ashortbeauty Have you watched his debates? His insistence on NOT turning about the burden of proof is my mainstay in debates.

@ashortbeauty ....haven't visited iron chariots yet tho....


I couldn’t listen to much of this.. the caller is idiotic, I haven’t the patience. Far more interesting to see an interview with two intelligent people than watching the easy dismantling of hopeless ignorance.


I don't believe doors exists I KNOW DOORS EXIST BECAUSE I WALK IN DOORS "believe in" is a non-sequitur syntax error

You are correct

@ashortbeauty gott gawd gods are gibberish sounds, non-words. ..referents without objects

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