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I would love to know what is your "New Years Resolution"

What is your new years resolution or a change you will start in 2018?

Do you think you will maintain or complete your Goal?

twshield 8 Dec 20

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Don't do new year resolutions.
I'm starting to think that new year resolutions are some kind of weird annual failure ritual where we choose something to fail at keeping up. Then we enjoy a communal shrug at how crap we are, then go back to our normal patterns of behavior.

well i hope you accomplish something you desire too 🙂

@twshield It'd be nice...


I'm going to actually lose weight and get in better shape this year.

you can do it! i did. i was 400 and now 280

I'm about 230. hoping to get to 140-150

me too I am 131 lb. want to get to 120 ish. starting a 30 day challenge on Jan 8. Im a former fitness center owner and personal trainer so I have no excuse.. just lazy bones haha

@Funeralgirl Yes i need u as my BFF for sure lol

131 isn't that bad. Unless you're less than five feet tall, it's not even considered overweight.

@ErichZannIII 5 ft 4, so not a giant, bit of a shrimp LOL

@ErichZannIII my goal is 250 and currently 280. I like being bigger but want to be more healthy.

131 is about normal for someone who's 5'4".


Stop smoking. I quit for 7 weeks then had a stressful thanksgiving day and decided to smoke. Bad idea. Now I have the physical cravings again with that nicotine back in my system. It wasn't too hard to quit so I'm going to do it again. Just procrastinating right now.

I smoked many years ago in college. When I quit cold turkey, I gained alot of weight but I have turned my health around and lost alot of what I gained. If you quit wile you are still young, you are adding years on your life expectancy.


I have been single a long time in fact I have not been on a date in several years. My life has taken a drastic change for the better. I have 6 year old twins a boy and a girl. My daughter really needs a woman around. My efforts to find a suitable woman in my life is my resolution.


I resolved in 1967 to never make another New Years Resolution. I have kept that one.


How can I make one, I am perfect already - (not really) it is a joke to help my real resolution which is to try and chill in light of the madness around us.


I usually don't make them; but, this year, I am going to make a resolution to put the pain and anger, caused by my soon-to-be-ex husband, behind me. Oh, and also to work toward ousting Republicans at every level.

Good for you and i believe nothing is permanent including pain and anger caused by others!

I know from experience the best revenge is a good life. It is hard to have that good life if one is filled with pain and anger. Focus on you not him.


I don't make them. I try to adhere to achieving my endless to-do lists all throughout the year.

However, should something go undone, and be forgotten, it's rarely the end the the world.

In fact most folks don't notice at all !


I've been thinking of reducing the amount of food I throw out. Make sure I use my perishables before they spoil, eat leftovers before making a new meal, making smaller portions if I don't want leftovers, etc.


I currently walk 5 miles a day for exercise and i plan to increase that so i can get to my desired weight.

Walking is a great form of exercise. I walk/hike 3-4 times a week and would like to do more also.

@CC_David me too. I walk alot at work thanks to my hospital having a crosswalk that is quarter mile in length!

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