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Is magic real? What is it about this guys who can burn themselves with gas, eat a burning plastic or chew metalic material?

There are this sorcerers who can make thieves eat grass or such stuff. who can explain to me where they get this power.

Jeff 3 Dec 20

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The Amazing Randy, a former magician himself, has been offering, for Decades now, a Million Dollars to anyone who can actually do Any form of "magic. No takes, no winners. The offer still stands, YouTube it.


Saw the question and wanted to comment. Seems like everyone else has absolutely nailed it


As of this date there has never been any demonstration of any power outside the natural universe. Trickery, deception, and illusion, yes, but no 'powers'.


Here is what I tell my 6 year old twin when they ask is magic real. To make magic happen requires thought common sence patients and time. Work to achieve a goal and when it is complete look back at the effort that it took. If you want to call it magic that could sum it up. In history Merlin the wizard was a real man his magic was just as I described he would use science and experience in ways that were not common so he was deemed a wizard.


I know of no "magic" that can withstand the scrutiny of the scientific method.


There are lots of books explaining how to do magic (illusions) tricks. Most of it is done with misdirection. It's fun to do the seemingly impossible in front of your friends. There are also shops that sell various props for magic tricks.


Magic is real in that it is the art of illusion. Convincing someone that an event has occurred even though it hasn't. It is an act which the audience cannot explain but that they know shouldn't be able to occur normally/at all. If the audience can't explain it then from their perspective it is magic.

Also, I have a theory on the possibility of recreating true magic. Mainly for offensive purposes though. If we can somehow generate localized & controlled wormholes. The possibility to create magic such as shooting flames or water, etc. Would be possible using the input/output method.

That's one of the ideas for my novel that I'm writing but I haven't worked on it for months due to uni course work.



skado Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

When asking these it helps to show a link or reference a name. Magic is illusion and skepticism provides the drive to understand how it is done. Of course, being skeptical of the no magic claim is still valid but it's more about not believing something until a person sees proof. If you give us references we can either figure out how it is done or, though unlikely, find out that some form of supernatural does exist. Remember personal testimony is normally insufficient in court for a conviction so vague videos or eye witnesses don't hold the same weight as demonstrable evidence.

To add. Holy Koolaid is a youtube channel that talks about Atheism and skepticism. He does many videos talking about certain magics/superstitions and methods of deception. I would start with some of his videos and follow the youtube rabbit hole from there. Matt dilihaunty(probably butchered his last name) hosts a number of atheist shows inviting debate to prove superstitions namely religion. Watch enough of these and you'll see most of the time it's smoke and mirrors, slight if hand, or plain delusion.


Brother... there's magic in the world. I've seen the illusion on different tv shows. I can't say about the stuff your talking about. That to me is not magic.

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