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This is what I have been trying to tell the "professionals" that insist people only need food, water and shelter in order to to thrive. Obviously that is not true or people in mental facilities would recover. Maslow's Hierarchy of need makes it clear that we NEED a sense of safety and security which is what we get from connections to others. Social isolation is used as a form of punishment in families, churches, and even war so I am kind of surprised it has taken so long to figure it out. lack of social connection is what gangs and cults, narcissists and even pimps thrive on BECAUSE it is an unmet need they can use to form a bond with. Uggg my head is reeling that this is "news". Children without "happy environments" are preyed on all the time. Maybe the professionals should listen to the humans instead of experimenting on rats and they could have figured this out a long time ago like I did while inpatient. Go hug a mental patient and you will see a spark in their eyes that only an outsider can give them.

I absolutely love that comment. ❤

@Paul628 Thank you!


AA claims to have one of, if not the best success rates in breaking the addiction of alcoholism.
Being anonymous, it makes measuring their success accurately nearly impossible.

I see the AA program as having two major problems that hinder them.

  1. "The Program" is heavily god based which can keep many people away.

  2. AA claims alcoholism is a disease, that we're born with it like some sort of genetic defect passed along through our families as though it was heart disease. You're basically doomed for the rest of your life if you don't attend meetings regularly.

These are my observations--YMMV.

42% success rate with AA ...53% success rate on your own ......did a bit of research a few years back it may have changed .

I tried AA for over a year some time back. It does seem to work for some, but I couldn't take the "higher power" or the "powerless" aspects. They want you to think you can only be cured thru them. I did better on my own!

I went to AA for about a year and witnessed many members turn AA into their new addiction. It was like it was totally okay to neglect their families because they were at a meeting not a bar. Many of the people I went through treatment with are still attending meetings like it is their religion and it has been 33 years now.

@Simon1 Those are the success rates I was referring to.
Seems like it's the best guess.

@Paul628 yup pretty much when I was looking into it I was disappointed even yo have figures like this

@mudhen I'm not going to pick holes in it if it works for you then fine . Personally after looking into it i just couldn't use that model . The figures it have quoted i had to dig for and have been done by fellow athiests who also dislike the AA model . They went into more detail on how they got the figures and they did seem reliable at the time


Pretty obvious when you think about it properly . We just have to undo the damage the drug wars have done with all the false ideas about drugs out there

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