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It appears that posting amusing memes as well as links to interesting articles is perfectly fine. Am I correct in thinking this is the case? I would like to create a group about psychology and neuroscience as they relate to religious thought and belief in the supernatural, anomalistic psychology. I was unable to find a group quite like what I have in mind. I have access to plenty of articles on these topics. I believe many people here would find them highly interesting. I certainly do. I wonder if I could also upload documents somehow. Unfortunately my wizard level isn't advanced enough for me to start a group quite yet.
Also , I have plenty of funny memes that poke fun at religion. Anyway, what do people feel would be off limits? Yes, I did look over the tutorial, including the section on etiquette.

FromBeyond07 4 May 29

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Off limits? Isn't our society in the midst of this discussion? Off limits is fluid.Today OK. Tomorrow NOT.
"N" word vs "F" word. "N" not anymore. "F" its everywhere.


You will have to wait a bit to form your own group, but if you join "Memes R Us" & post & comment you'll get to level 4 rather quickly & then will be able to start your own. It does sound interesting. I have a group, [] , that will be happy to take anything you think is interesting until you get yours started!


Oh yes. Please come to memes r'us.We're a fun bunch and enjoy new members take on things.


There is currently a popular "Memes" group. You can create new groups when you reach level 4. Thanks!

Admin Level 8 June 1, 2018
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