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Now if it was a crucified Christ I would understand it, but it's too "Catholic" just because his arms are not down by his side?!? Will the different Jesus Christs never cease?


Lol they finally discovered that he was Jewish...


There is a strong anti-Catholic sentiment among protestants. I lived in Heidelberg Germany and there are 2 main churches there. One is protestant and plain as it can be [] and the other is the Jesuit church [] Look at the interiors. It is about as opposite as one can get. To me this attitude which transcends all the Christian sects proves there is no such thing as Christian. They are all at odds with one another.

Tell me about it! I'm from Northern Ireland!


Right action, wrong motivation.

If it was 'Get rid of Jesus because he doesn't exist' I'd say "Go baptists!"

Yes, he's been dead for a long time. A Jesus zombie might make a good Halloween costume


Been going on for a while. It's a religious gang war. The more followers one has the more influence they have. By that of course I mean money.


Why? Is Jesus a "commie" now?


"Insults the intelligence"... They'll never even notice.


Too Catholic? I just thought I'd heard everything.


I guess I never have seen different Christian denominations admit they have a different savior.


I was brought up Baptist and was taught that statues were idol worship and that was against the teaching of the bible. Confusing why they had one in the first place.


Maybe they can donate the statue and get a tax deduction........Oh wait...that won't do...Churches don't pay taxes.

That really needs to change. No chance with the current administration.

I agree...If Christians want to believe in a fairy tale they should pay for the privilege and not have non believers subsidize them with their tax dollars. @RichWWeissmann


Even the religious are banning their idols....

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