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LINK Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform - CNNPolitics

What credentials does she have? The swamp grows murkier.

HippieChick58 9 May 30

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A matched pair of asses.


I still wonder why she and her family have a tv show about anything let alone having a visit with the president about anything of any importance.


This is like watching some really bad show, it doesn't get any better.


I was going to say the blind leading the blind but it is really the stupid leading the stupid

jab60 Level 6 May 31, 2018

Of all the people with solid knowledge about prison and reform....I feel sick.


Okay when I first saw this I thought it was a joke. Is this real? What the heck planet are we living on?


She has good TV ratings....that's important to Trump. Knowing anything about prisons is of no consequence.

And this is the sad truth we have to live with.

I was also wondering if he invited her to the White House so he could get a good look at her posterior. @DaveSchumacher


I guess she has an opinoin but it would be nice to see some people with weightier credentials walking up those steps


Why am I not surprised or shocked? I am waiting to see what position he appoints Roseanne Barr to.

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