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I guess im one of the blue ones, boring, ...occasionally i fantasize about being a yellow lizard, but I understand thats perfectly normal.

I suppose, if you were a lizard, but you aren't so not boring at all.

@BeeHappy. You are kind Bee, maybe I'm bored rather than boring, .. I need to snap out of this , straighten up and fly right...???

@Hitchens, Lol. Well, get grateful mister! You have a wonderful family.

@BeeHappy I know...I know...I love my wife. And my two girls are amazing little human beings...
I just wish my wife would stop nagging me about being an Atheist. Like she thinks I'm going to grow out of it or something! ???


They have it downpat by now?

That they do.


I'll just leave the subscribing to @BeeHappy!?
I love the colours of the lichens on the rocks - they are brighter than the lizard's throats!


The females keeping it balanced. That's cool


I can't think of any other species of anything that behaves in quite this way! Great post!





Great illustration of how evolution maintains balance.

skado Level 9 May 31, 2018
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