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Aimed at the males, do you ever see some beta or gamma wolf come out talking some skeezey shit to the females, attention whores trying to find a nut, but you can’t believe their methodologies, while through their desire and pathetic attempts to get laid they tend to drag down honor? Whether here, some other site, a bar, or anywhere else? If you act with honor, how do you interpret these jerk offs’ behavior? How should the honorable male react, or should there even be a reaction?

NothinnXpreVails 8 May 31

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Like I said before... I have a hard time taking post seriously when males and females are used as nouns rather than adjectives, particularly when meaning woman and men.

That said and out of the way, are you considering yourself as the honorable man? If yes, do you mean you are the Alpha? if yes, so do you mean you claim your right to every woman?

Alpha males in the animal kingdom lay claim to all the animal females. What is your equivalency in human terms in this example?

No I’m not claiming anything. Let me rephrase the post: do you ever see lecherous men using underhanded or shady methods to get in women’s pants in whichever social setting you happen to be in? What do you think about it.
Forget the alpha and beta, they were just junk filler words.

@NothinnXpreVails Got it. Not my scene since I'm not single. I would consider intervening, i.e. tend a lifeline, to a woman if I she is showing clear signs of being uncomfortable in a situation. I would not accept visible aggression. That said, I'm not a big guy and sizing the potential opponent is consideration as well (I could signal management or the bouncer instead)


Some guys have always talked some kind of shit to women, and always will. Just doing it a way you don't care for. As long as you have respect then you'll be better for it. Try not to worry too much about what the other guy is doing. The girls can take care of that problem if it's a problem to them.


"the females"? click.

What do you mean?


Dude just what? I thought better of you than this.

What are you talking about?

@NothinnXpreVails alphas betas and gammas? Really? Those theories were debunked even in wolves much less humans. I thought you were smarter.

@Blindbird maybe I’m not up to date, that’s beside the point of the post, though.

@AMGT. Well the only other place I've seen those terms used are on redpill sites. Men who are convinced that women are basically animals who need to be "handled" in certain ways to get what men want from them. Here's an article []

@Blindbird don’t you understand that is what I’m arguing against? What the hell is a redpill site?

@NothinnXpreVails apparently I don't. I'm glad for it too. I was bummed thinking you subscribed to that world view. I put up a link about it.

@AMGT I didn't think he was, hence my shock. My apologies.

@Blindbird my bad


let the shallow fools hang themselves because they can't drown. it amazes me what I've heard many men say to women whether they're married or not. I mean sending a close up picture of there cock unsolicited is completely beyond me.


I have never blamed a guy for trying......never. just take no for an answer, if that is the answer.


I understand you completely. When I see chumpy behavior displayed here, I just shake my head and look away. No need to get bent out of shape. Let them weed themselves out.


I've seen a few of those assholes in my day. They're the overly aggressive types who walk in to a room and act like they have some sort of divine granted authority to grope and/ or invade the personal space of any woman they set their beady little eyes on.

What they really are is small, pathetic little men who use borish behavior in an attempt to try to cover up their laundry list of failures and shortcomings. And when I say "small", I don't neccessarily mean physically small in stature. In fact, just the opposite is often the case. These dudes are usually large, brutish types with big muscles, tiny minds and probably even tinier dicks. Without their large physical stature they would be less than nothing, and even with it they really aren't that much.

The absolute worst case I have ever seen of this type of repulsive behavior occured on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Thailand a few years back. I was walking to meet my traveling companions for dinner when I saw three guys heading my way, strutting down the road like showing any sense of civil behavior towards others was beneath them.

One of these douche bags reached out and grabbed a female street vendor who was working at a kiosk and began groping her right in public. I'm not talking about a quick ass grab and then scurrying off like a cockroach in to the crowd. This piece of shit was all but tearing this woman's clothes off and raping her right in public view.

I wish that the crowd would have reacted by converging on all three of these scumbags and beating them to a pulp. Unfortunately, what actually happened is the incident went completely ignored. People walked by like they didn't see a damn thing.

By the time I reached the place where the incident occured, it was all over. The douche bag crew was already continuing their self-important strut down the road. All I could do was walk up and ask this poor woman if she was ok. I was the only one who did. I looked for a tourist police officer to report the incident to, but of course there was none to be found.

As for how to react when witnessing this type of behavior? I think what I saw demonstrates perfectly the difference between what should happen and what does happen. Most people do nothing.

I wish I could end by saying that I later found those three losers and gave them all a sound beating, but it's pretty obvious what the end result would have been if little ol' me had tried to single handedly go up against three big dudes.


"Wolves "? "Beta males "? I'm not sure I even want to try to understand what you're talking about.

Are you trying to apply pack dominance hierarchy mechanics to human behavior here? Or just making a poor analogy?

It's how these youngsters talk hip to the max get jiggly with it will you !!

Replace wolf with dude, asshole, cat, or whatever you want. Surely you understand what an alpha or beta is...
Yes, I was tired when I wrote the op

@Simon1 you’re younger than me

@NothinnXpreVails hey I'm not judging how you handle your midlife crisis ....i stick to gaming where i don't have to learn the lingo

Debunked theories at that.

@Simon1 my midlife crisis? Expecting a little integrity from males is a midlife crisis, I guess.

@NothinnXpreVails I was making a joke sorry if it didn't connect

@NothinnXpreVails, expecting anything is rather naive in this day & age.


I don't understand this 'honour' thing.

"Honor" means "the right way" to do things.


It's the first I've heard of it. Do you women do it too?

Maybe replace honor with respect. Idk


Beta? Gamma? did you miss the incel site and land here? Wow.


@Donotbelieve If he is such a great guy, why is he covering ignorant talking points like this? ambien maybe? =/

@dellik you’re probably just one of the fuckers that I’m talking about. Feel free to back off my fucking post if you want

@NothinnXpreVails lmao, talkin bout beta's and then act like that. you sir, are a little bitch =D

@dellik oh, giving you an out makes me a little bitch, huh? Gotcha

@NothinnXpreVails No, talking about Beta's and gamma's like they are a real thing, and then getting so damn salty when someone calls out your MRA jargon as the bullshit that it is, makes you a little bitch. =D

I needed an out, about as much as you need another self help guide lmfao

@dellik Excuse the fuck out of me if I’m not up to date on all of your classifications, the beta thing isn’t even the point of the post


You sound as if you are intoxicated rambling on about nonsense ?

Rambling, perhaps. Intoxicated, perhaps not.

Maybe intoxication would have been a better excuse ? Lol

@VAL3941 sorry, I’m not an alcoholic

Thank goodness for that !


the following from a woman who understands 'equality', but not 'no' 🙂

personally i know one singular woman who i reckon would be going for just getting laid - she's gay. i think most women are more or less like me, in that there's a lot of other qualities that are far more important than sex: emotional intelligence, wit, kindness, curiosity, the ability to observe & to listen, integrity.


I rarely go to the kind of bars where people get hit on.

There are some women who want the alpha male guy, I hope they all find each other bc I don't want women like that flirting with me.

I think most women, at least women my age, can give jerks an effective brush off.

There's been a few instances where women have wanted me to intervene if a jerk was really persistent and I'm happy to oblige, but really how often do women who don't know me think I won't be a jerk? One of my sister's gay friends did ask me to pose as her BF when she just wanted to enjoy some music instead of constantly being on alert for weirdos. LOL, all I did was let her stand a few inches closer to me than I normally would have and enjoyed the show. I also posed as a father to a much younger girl who barely knew me, but she was pretty naive and super cute and that's a bad combination at a public concert.

Does that kinda answer your question?

Seriously, what would you want a strange man to do if a guy is just being weird but not doing anything specific enough to confront?


You reminded me of my days in Crete, Greece. 1994-95. In the clubs and bars... how often a woman stranger to me... will look at me and whisper help me of the ASSHOLE bothering her. They were Scandinavians on Vacation/Holidays. And the locals were not the most educated or cordial hosts. My move was simple... "excuse me, put my arm over her shoulder and walked her away. I will told her get your friends and I will take you to a better club around the corner." It was a small military base but locals never messed with us. Too many of us every night. And you really have to be an ASSHOLE to mess with us that really behaved right as good ambassadors overseas in Paradise but cognizant there were like 50 wingmen out there in case something happen. It will be a mutiny. Now to be honest there was this greek with no name. Everyone that got to the base was told before going to downtown for the first time... "Do not mess with Boots", he is about 6'2", skinny and is always in jeans and cowboy boots with long hair. You got a problem with him you will end up with a boot in your mouth. The greek with no name. I think I saw him maybe once or twice. No problem. We need to protect all women from jerks. Again Greece, this time Athens 1982, had a problem with some africans in a club. But is a Navy Liberty good story for another day. The scene that night and the next night could had been choreographed for an Elvis Presley Movie. He, he, ha.


Nah, I wouldn't even waste my time on such rejects, damn beta orbiters.


Being an introvert it will totally disgust me and as to a reaction really would depend on place. If outside you can try to call him over to you and tell him quietly that his behavior is aberrant. Then quietly tell him , if he doesn't stop his car may not be drive-able when he leaves. If inside like a restaurant best to call the head waiter or hostess and complain about the way he's acting. Hope I understood your question and answered correctly


Tango takes two?


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