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happy solstice. we can look forward to more light in our days. I hope literally and figuratively

btroje 9 Dec 21

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And Happy Solstice to you! I'm "struggling" through the Las Vegas winter...lows in around the 40s...its a nice contrast to the sweltering summer heat!


Light is a good thing .


Happy. Happy. Send your snow and cool air to me...

If I could send you our Canadian winter, I would in a New York minute. 😛

@betpaq alrighty!


No snow here in CO right now. It is 29° out though.

Rub it in. 😛


Happy solstice. Looking forward to spring, so tired of the snow and ice already. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

isnt this just the beginning?

@btroje It is but I'm impatient for the nicer weather. Not a winter girl. 🙂

Lucky you for cool weather.

@betpaq just checked your location and appreciate your feelings about long winter. Portland ME is the furthest north I have lived and it was moderated by the ocean.THe days are short here but the sun is out most days. I don't have a winter coat, just an insulated jacket and layers underneath


Wanna trade. 😛


I can live with cool. Don't like the freezing icy slippery cold. 🙂

@betpaq I hear you about the ice... me and the wife would never be able to go out. A fall would kill us. But the cold... I was out in a t shirt when it snowed here. It felt so good... but it would of been hell to work in.

@betpaq you are welcome here but no trade


Ah, shucks. 😛


And happy solstice to you, too!!


Same to you ????

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